All Crafting Recipes (C++ version)

I have opend a new topic for the recipes, because many things has changed from the names, and maybe it give some new recipes.

All old recipes you can find here in the old recipes Topic
or you can use the nice page from @Stretchious*1

all this recipe still tested

###1x Rock Metaphoric Base
Requires: 1x Rock Metaphoric Stone
###1x Rock Metaphoric Brick
Requires: 4x Rock Metaphoric Base
###4x Wood Twisted Timber
Requires: 1x Wood Twisted Trunk
###4x Wood Ancient Timber
Requires: 1x Wood Ancient Trunk
###4x Stick
Requires: 1x Wood Ancient Trunk or 1x Wood Twisted Trunk
###1x Light Torch Base
Requires: 4x Stick
###1x Door Solid Base
Requires: 2x Wood Twisted Timber or 2x Wood Ancient Timber
###1x Door Solid Trap
Requires: 2x wood Twisted Timber or 2x Wood Ancient Timber
###2x Stone Slap
Requires: 1x Rock Metaphoric Brick
###3x Stone Step
Requires: 1x Rock Metaphoric Brick
###2x Stone Wall
Requires: 1x Rock Metaphoric Brick
###2x Twisted Timber Slap
Requires: 1x Wood Twisted Timber
###3x Twisted Timber Step
Requires: 1x Wood Twisted Timber
###2x Twisted Timber Wall
Requires: 1x Wood Twisted Timber
###2x Ancient Timber Slap
Requires: 1x Wood Ancient Timber
###3x Ancient Timber Step
Requires: 1x Wood Ancient Timber
###2x Ancient Timber Wall
Requires: 1x Wood Ancient Timber
###1x Control Beacon Base
Requires: 32x Rock Metaphoric Base + 8x Glas Default Base
###1x Beacon Plotter
Requires: 4x Rock Metaphoric Base + 1x Glas Default Base
###1x Lantern Default Base
Requires: 4x Glas Default Base + 4x Wood Ancient Timber or 4x Wood Twisted Timber + 1x Light Tourch Base
###1x Player Token
Requires: 4x Rock Metaphoric Base + 1x Glas Default Base
###1x Healing Stone
Requires: 4x Gleam + 4x Wood Ancient Timber or 4x Wood Twisted Timber + 4x Rock Metaphoric Brick
###1x Ember Stone
Requires: 4x Gleam + 4x Wood Ancient Timber or 4x Wood Twisted Timber + 4x Rock Metaphoric Brick
###1x Prop Functional Bouncepad
Requires: 8x Wood Ancient Timber or 8x Wood Twisted Timber
###1x Wood Shovel / Hammer / Axe
Requires: 4x Stick + 1x Wood Ancient Timber or 1x Wood Twisted Timber
###1x Copper Grappling Hook
Requires: 4x Stick + 1x Wood Ancient Timber or 1x Wood Twisted Timber
###1x Cooper Slingbow
Requires: 4x Stick + 1x Wood Ancient Timber or 1x Wood Twisted Timber
###8x Arrow
Requires: 4x Stick + 1x Rock Metaphoric Base
###1x Stone Shovel / Hammer / Axe
Requires: 4x Stick + 1x Rock Metaphoric Base
###1x Cooper Chisel
Requires: 4x Stick + 1x Rock Metaphoric Base

#Blocks i found, but can`t craft anything with it or so far not found a recipe

  • Soil Silty Base
  • Wood Lush Leaves
  • Wood Spiky Leaves
  • Rock Igneous Brick
  • Mantle Default Base (cant harvest it, position xxx, 2, xxx, so i think this the ground of the world XD)

*1 @Stretchious Many thanks in advance for that you want start rework the page over the weekend, and make it possible to change between the old and new recipes.


No worries - since of the launch of the C++ version, I had the feeling that I would need to do this. I’d already started planning database and code changes today on my local development server, so that we can have both sets of recipes running in parallel. People will then be able to switch between the alpha and beta recipes as needed.

At the same time, I will look to add in another tweak suggested by @Saint_X where you can filter out any item not currently in-game (or vice-versa so you can see some of the cool things that are coming!).

I’ll make an announcement of my Boundless Crafting thread when I launch the update.

Just as a side-note… the most sought-after recipe over the last couple of days, according to my site stats, has been the Healing Block :wink:

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these are the recipes I have tested, feel free to edit anything and some of the names of blocks are wrong in the game as indicated in the sheet

Is the second one wrong? (1 Rock Metaphoric Base => 1 Rock Metaphoric Brick).

Should that be 1 Rock Metaphoric Base => 1 Rock Metaphoric Stones.

Got the dark stone to:

1 Rock Metaphoric Brick
=> 4 Rock Igneous Base


i edited the first post to often and make same copy&paste mistake ^^
thx for finding the mistake i have correct it now

@ChickenBranches i will test all this recipes and will add them later to the top post

No Problem, the idea i get during we build our 2 houses on testeu2 near the portal. i searched for the healing block old recipes, but need to long to search because i see to much blocks who not ingame ^^ and yes i know there is a searchbar, but i want search over the icon ^^

i have added all from this, which i have tested by myself

Actually, thinking about it - I may as well just turn off anything that never made it into the pre-alpha build as it’ll be discontinued anyway. All the new stuff will go into the C++ build (which I may not show upcoming stuff on anyway, or at least until I know what is coming and the naming conventions used!).


You still might want to be able to support multiple versions and the Delta’s between them. But I suspect you’ve got quite some time before it becomes useful

I’ve already done the coding for the ability to switch between the pre-alpha and cplusplus versions of craftables (although it’s not fully live on the site yet - just populating content first!).

The logic behind deactivating the items that weren’t actually in game in the pre-alpha version, was that it will no longer be actively developed beyond this point. All focus will be on the C++ version. It just makes the pre-alpha lookup a bit cleaner :wink:


if someone knows recipes or blocks i have not listed on the top pls post it here than i can add it to the top.

pls post no untested recipes.

@olliepurkiss: Is this not illogical? How can it be a “copper-tier” item if it not even contain stone or ore. I think it would makes more sense if you need “copper” (ore) for this items.

Probably just a placeholder recipe

Should I just make the post into a wiki post (editable by everyone) @Saint_X?


Probably the same thing for the igneous base making metamorphic brick instead of igneous brick

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Until all items and build paths are finalized, there will likely be many placeholder recipies like this. Y’all wanted as many updates as possible even if it was buggy or incomplete for the community to test new features, so here you go! Of course the alternative is longer time between updates while they release completed, more fleshed out versions of the game for testing… which do you prefer?


At the moment both possibilities (placeholder or not) are equally likely. Now EA is exactly the right time to talk about such inconsistencies because it’s much harder to change in the final game or a later state of development (nearly impossible because economy and you need to search an other material sink).

The word “placeholder” is not an universal solution for everything. If we want to be involved in development we need to show interest in the development. We can help refine the game and polish it by looking on details the devs don’t have time for.

To use another approach (Newton’s first law of motion) …

When viewed in an inertial reference frame, an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by a force.

Why should something be changed if everyone accepts the current state ?

But i’m sure it’s really a “placeholder”. I just wanted to rais attention for the inconsistency so that they can not find the way into the final product.

Especially for @Havok40k:

Maybe you’re reading in another forum but can you tell me who wants as many updates as possible ? I can’t rememer that someone demands more updates of the client (I’m not saying that I would not like it … even with 1000th of bugs or inconsistencies [as described above, we can help polish this game by looking at such things]).

As you answer specifically in relation to me and since i’m tired to say the same things again and again let my quote you a “best-of” collection of my concerns from the last months.

Feel free to read my last topic and maybe you understand my concerns or not. I won’t discuss this with you again because we always reach a dead point.

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I don’t buy that; at least for crafting as it stands now.

Once the game releases, yes, recipes will become dangerous to change. But what we have in game now is probably not worth spending very much effort on.

  • We have a good amount of time (6 months?) before the game gets to a point where it is dangerous for the devs to make drastic changes.
  • Crafting is going to be one of the most frequently used systems in the game. There will be a lot of feedback generated from its use.
  • We’re (presumably) seeing a very small slice of the recipes available. We are probably not making the best assumptions due to limited information.

Now, if, for example, we could convince @olliepurkiss to post a big chunk of the currently planned crafting recipes - that would be a worthy discussion. Or if we were to wait for some more to make their way into the game, that would also be fantastic.

Remember: even if the devs aren’t as responsive as we would like, they are reading everything. They also have a limited amount of time and effort they can spend both developing the game, and interacting with the community. It’s a small dev team.

We owe it to them to try to focus their limited attention on things they can address (in plan, or in game) at the time.


You are right, but i can’t see how our two statements contradict each other (that’s how i understand you) ? The sooner something is solved the less problems can it cause.

My original statement that it’s illogical was “for the protocol” only and with “now” i mean the complete EA period not “now” as “Sunday 10.4.2016 17:10”.

EDIT: I changed the wording in the corresponding text section for better understanding.

As many of you have said the crafting in the game is a complete placeholder, and doesn’t relate at all to the design as it will be.

Right this second Simon, and our new guy Marc are discussing the approach for implementing the crafting system for the final game, so things are moving forward. Here is a snapshot of the beginning of the crafting tree. Still WIP, but should give you an idea.

Image removed


Oooh, that’s looks like some great information in there! Cog, Glue, Nails, Ink Extract… I’m liking the look of this!

That’s good to hear, thanks :thumbsup:

How many nodes (items) will the crafting-tree contain ? This seems only like the beginning stages and i’m eager to hear how complex this will become. Is everything build on each other or are there “side-ways” where new path (without an ancestor in the prior tech-level) join into the tree ?

Here is the whole diagram (zoomed out), which includes most of the current recipes, although has some notable exeptions (wearables for example). I would guess this is 75% of the 1.0 recipes:

Bear in mind that this represents the vanilla crafting, but where the real complex comes is in the Forge where you take a vanilla object, and then by using various ingredients you add stats, effects and conditions to create something custom.