Boundless Crafting

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I figured I may as well start a thread to let you know when I have made updates to the website…

Over the past few days I have:-

  • added images to the main items, which will fade in when hovered over - I still have more images to do, so I will add these as and when I have them.
  • added a breakpoint for mobiles so the view shouldn’t be ‘so small’ on mobile screens anymore - it’s not fully responsive, but it should be more functional at least.
  • filled in and/or updated most item descriptions to make them informative as to what each item does and how it is used.
  • moved the recipe count / navigation to the middle of the crafting panel, as some people mentioned that they had not noticed it at the bottom and subsequently thought that there was only one way to make something.
  • added option to select colour variations for each block that has them (I am still taking screenshots of multi-coloured items and adding them to their respective worlds - only gleam currently has this feature in full at present).
  • added world pages (accessible from the information panel when selecting a colour variation) which will show details about each world (still in progress - again, see Gleam!). I will be adding a menu in future which will make these pages more easily accessible.
  • added creature pages for known creatures - linked from world pages (still in progress, images and information are currently very thin!).

If you notice any errors, have more information that I can add, or even if you want like to send me any screenshots of your home world (as long as the screenshots are mostly of landscape and not constructions!), please feel free to do so!


I’ve noticed that Storial comes up twice if you search for orange Gleam.

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Thanks - it’s now fixed :thumbsup:

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If you were curious this is the font we use for our GUI and branding:

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Nice, thanks @ben I’ll see what I can do about getting it incorporated into the site this evening :wink:

Edit: Actually… maybe not, unfortunately. There’s limitations on using that font on a website, beyond the initial cost of it. I’m hopeful that the crafting site will some day get over 10,000 page loads a month as it would mean lots more players populating the worlds of Boundless!

its just missing a few things, are healing blocks still cratable?

Any chance you could elaborate on “a few things”?

I’m still working on item images, screenshots of worlds and creatures and the details of which colour block is on which world, but I’m adding stuff daily, so it’s getting there!

Healing block is under the Props section, and I just checked - it is still craftable :wink:

an ore dictionary and a way fir users to submit content for it would be nice, just too elaberate, an ore dictonary is a way for the application to say that multiple items can be used for the same recipe e.g. acient and twisted timber, as they are basicially the same thing they can be used interchangable so it would be one recipe but with them changing from twisted to acient
also a crafting tree and/or calculator could be usefull for future recipies when they require a lot of resources, so we can see everything that we need to craft from the raw materials

For the ore dictionary you mention, if you click on an item that has multiple recipes, you have the option to scroll through the available recipes (should show a recipe count in the middle of the crafting table) which will then update the top crafting slots to show you what is required.

As the number of craftable assets increases, I will look to add a search filter which will make it easier to find things, as it may not be immediately apparent which section a particular item actually resides under.

I’m still working on a way for people to contribute content and information to the site, which will hopefully make it easier to update in the long run.

The crafting tree is a good idea for a future update. I’m guessing you mean that, should you want to craft a torch for example, it would show you that 4x torch = 16x sticks = 4x timber = 1x trunk (but obviously shown in a hierarchical tree view).

Released a small update to the site…

  • Colour variations are now selected from the item image (where available/added).
  • Added a bunch more images & descriptions.
  • Started populating creature pages.

This week I’ll be working on adding all of the block colour variations and identifying which worlds they appear on.

I’ll also be splitting things like coal, ruby & iron out into a separate group called “resources”. These will then be more easily identifiable from the individual world pages as well.


Added a couple of new sections to the site last night for creatures and worlds information. Still populating it with details and images, so if anyone wants to post up a screenshot of their home world that I can use, please feel free to do so below! :smile:

I added a new section to the site for ‘Lore’. This basically just uses the font I created previously to show the Oortphabet … plus, I started creating a glyph font set as well - I’ve added some words in already from object and things that I have found from crawling the forums and viewing items in game… if any are wrong or there are any that I have missed so far, please let me know!

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In firefox, lore’s images are too low. They are not centered in their huts.

ok will check - thanks!

Thanks @omega2 that should be ok now :blush:

Water Pod -> correct name ingame “Water Source”

but nice work

This is such a great resource for new players like me…just want to say thank you!


Ah it’s been changed since I last saw it then! Thanks - I’ve updated the site!

No worries! I’m glad it helps people out :slight_smile:

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This is a great site! I found it some time ago and i love it! Thank you!


Fehler: Server nicht gefunden
is the page offline ?

edit: after 5 minuts i try it again, and all is fine XD

and you need to add “Lava Source” icon style is the same as Water Source just with text.

and can you add a search window for easier find?