Boundless Crafting

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I love this site btw.

But it’s going to go crazy with all the blocks + items we have coming… eak!


Thanks @james - Bring it on! :slight_smile:

Ahem… any chance I can get a list of the up-coming items & blocks so I can pre-empt some of the input?
If so, I can keep them hidden away in the database until they’re officially released! Wink wink, nudge nudge :wink:

I’m not sure the Lava Source and Water Source blocks should be on here (at least not at the moment) … my reasoning behind that is that they’re not currently available to use in-game unless a dev physically gives you the blocks.

Searchable blocks is on my todo list! From Jame’s comment, this is going to be required a whole lot more so I may have to bump it up the list a little! Thanks @Saint_X! :slight_smile:

if you add water you should add lava too ^^

and later in the game it should be possible to collect water maybe lava too

i think you should add all in the game avaible blocks, so every one can see direct if he can recive the block or not and how.

But the water and lava are not currently retrievable without intervention from a dev. I would also think that they would not be directly retrievable later without some sort of container - I can’t make assumptions on that as I don’t actually know, which is why at present, I think it would be safer to leave them out.

I want to make it so that the crafting site stays true to what is actually available in the standard game engine.

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can you make maybe a seperate catogory for block which you can get over a dev maybe ? ^^

Ok, so what with new blocks in the pipeline and a request from @Saint_X , Boundless Crafting now has a basic search filter. Just start typing in what you are looking for and it should filter out the rest!

I’ve not had chance to fully browser test it yet, so you can all be my guinea pigs :wink: Let me know if anything breaks or if it goes too slow (i.e. let me know what browser/os/device you are using and what you were searching for!).

Cheers all - enjoy!

P.S. I’ll give it some better styling over the weekend if I get chance!


the search function is nice good work.

but a small improvement I had “filter items” => “Filter Blocks,Items,…” looks better

and you add portal stone and still had iron and ruby but sill no “Lava Source” XD

Had a bit of fun during my lunch break - I was pulling apart the game files to see what I could find… that resulted in a number of new items being added to my database (albeit without any other details to them!) and a few more creatures (again with no other details or imagery at the moment). Hopefully these are all still going to be in the game!

Edit: I should also add that I implemented a new ‘Status’ text area just under the image in the info panel - this should tell you whether a particular item has been implemented in game yet!

I also found a file relating to some of the Oortian words and their corresponding glyphs (or png files to us humans), so I added them to the Oortian font on the Lore page too. I’ll make both of those fonts available to download via a link from the website at some point too, for anyone that is interested.


It’s Friday … It’s lunch time (at least for me!) so … It’s time for a long-overdue update!

I had a chat with @james a little while back, about the glyphs that Boundless uses to identify things, and it came to light that there would be many (many many!) possible glyph variations within the game … far too many for me to accommodate in the Oortian font file I created.

So… I set out to create an alternate method for people to find out what a particular glyph means, and the result of that process is…

The Glyph Translator!

I’ve still yet to add a submissions process for people to add translations for new glyphs they have discovered whilst playing.

Disclaimer: I’ve not tested this yet across any browsers (other than Chrome on Mac), so if you run into any problems, give me a shout!



Ha ha - that’s brilliant. Better than the tools we have building the game!!


Wow! Great job!

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Teach me the way of your programming^^ It looks awesome^^

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Works decently well on chrome for mobile. Well done, super impressive!

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Feel free to use / reuse whatever you want from it :wink:

Its really awesome mate, also works fine on chrome for windows 10 and firefox.

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BTW do you have a way to make money of it? or is it just pure expenses for you?

It’s purely expenses (and passion to be creative) for me at the moment :wink:


I noticed that it’s hard to remove the line again since you can’t see the difference between line & dot.
So it might be nice to add a function that makes lines grey or something :slight_smile:

How much is the price for having a site actually?