Allow Warping Using Coordinates

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A few days ago I was in need to buy cheap food. I found a local vendor willing to sell low but their selling station was over two thousand blocks away. Being the noob that I was I thought, “why don’t I just warp there with my newly acquired Warp Conduits from the meteorite I discovered!”, I spent half an hour adjusting my position so that my destination was directly on a single orientation (North, South, East or West) then using my current location and the distance to my destination I calculated the approximate coordinates of my destination. After all this, I thought there was a way to input my coordinates only to find out that I could, but only for the compass. I then had to walk.

Warping to coordinates I specify would be a godsend addition, I would be completely okay if I had died due to me inputting the wrong coordinates as far as risks go.


Would be a great Option i Like this Idea.


Yes please. This would be awesome.


I thought we could already do this … I’m such an idiot! XD

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Warping to a specific location would be a great quality of life improvement IMO. I personally could see myself warping to shop baskets that are not near the planet portals that I use.


This would be a great feature. +1

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I like this idea.

You still can use the warp totem augment on a the planet in sanctum. It can take a bit of time to find out the right coordinates on screen but its doable.


Yeah this would be nice… or at least the ability to create a location token from a manual entered coordinate or save a manual entry into the locations list.


Can’t you manually add a place with coordinates to places? Could have sworn you could.

Still, a proper system would be nice either way.

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You can manually enter coords to get a waypoint to walk to.

You can’t warp to a manually entered place on your places list?

It doesn’t go into your places list, just makes a waypoint. It would be nice if it did, though, but that’s the suggestion here. :slight_smile:


Don’t feel bad, I also thought this was already possible. Hopefully they see my suggestion and the amount of people wanting it enough to implement it into the game. :crossed_fingers:

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Let me know if you need more food. I can give you some meat that you can cook, or other stuff.


I think the only downside of this is just that random people can warp to a locked area without the owner’s permission.
But that is only possible when “not allow warping beacon” feature is turned off. When its turned on, noone can warp inside that beacon.


Just a thought… but do you think that shop stand would have still had cheap food for sale if you could simply warp directly to any location you like? Or is it possible that the only reason it was still there is because no one else could be bothered to run the 2000m for a bargain?

Dont get me wrong… there are times when I’d love to be able to warp to any coordinates I like in an instant, it would indeed be very convenient. But I also quite happily accept the fact that if I want a bargain I’m going to have to travel halfway around a planet or just pay a little bit more for the same item elsewhere.


And in that situation, if I found a shop with deals like that, I’d bookmark it and then set up beacon near the hub with a shop stand offering location tokens to those shops.
So you still think running a long distance is worth it? :man_facepalming:
I’d make it so that people don’t have to. :+1:

Well that’s the question I ask myself whenever I end up in the same situation… is it worth running there or not? Usually I run it though because I enjoy grappling from object to object at high speed and seeing how fast I can cover 2000m and it usually only takes 3 or 4 minutes at most (it would probably take me longer to figure out he coordinates based on the direction and the distance).

But I did also say that it would be a convenience that I would use. There would be times when I’d just warp straight there. But why even bother with the coordinate system? Why not just have a “warp to” button in the shop finder system?

How long would it take for someone to write a powerlevelling guide with the coordinates of every region center on every single planet though?

Why even bother having a portal to your shop anymore if people can just warp straight to you from the shop finder?

All I’m suggesting is that the simple change to make life convenient would potentially impact alot of other things.

So here’s an idea/suggestion:

Warp using coordinates but it will cost you 1000c instead of 100c. Make the added convenience cost something?


And if I was in competition with that shop I would just make my food 1c cheaper and change my beacon name to the coordinates of my shop.


Interesting. I actually never thought of it that way. It is possible that the price was so low due to the distance from the TNT portal or even perhaps they just wanted to get rid of so much food they had acquired? Who knows really. But I doubt this feature would have a huge impact on the economy… I think the most it can do is make buying and selling go by faster possibly making BUTT out of date if they don’t update often


Again, you may be surprised. You may also be correct, but they are things to consider.

I know I could run shops without having to have portals open to hubs so that people can find my store. How many other people would do the same?

What would this do to Oort demand/price?

Would hunting be worth the time anymore if suddenly Oort is no longer as valuable?

Would creature drops then become scarcer and increase in price? Would hopper cores now be worth 3000c each?

Would people start hunting again for creature drops once the prices go up?