Am I right to hate Besevrona as a miner?

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I mainly play a miner with some builder flavor. I just put my first 5 skill points into an atmosphere protection so I could visit lvl4 worlds and one specific lvl5 world. That lvl5 world is Besevrona.

I took portal knights’ portal there, ran like 500m in one direction and dug down until I found a cave system. This cave system is littered with sponge practically everywhere and I hardly find any resources because of it. Was I just unlucky or is whole Besevrona this bad?


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I found a cave system like this too. Main perk seemed to be no fall damage

To be honest Im having similar issues with all of the high tier worlds, I can’t find a decent cave anywhere and as a result I feel forced into strip mining (sooooo boring), I’m finding decent enough resources from strip mining but I would much rather be wandering a large cave system, they seem plenty on the t1-t3 but after that its small little non starter caves. Perhaps iv just been unlucky but they really seem to be in short supply on the higher tier worlds.


Its just different. I personally hate it too because it has a lot of lava pockets, but really the fact that it is so different is a really positive thing in my opinion.

More variety is good!

Made some changes to this today tackling both issues raised here: lack of caves and cave wall material. There were a couple of cave configs that were not behaving as intended and resulted in a lower number of caves. Hopefully they are fixed now. Caves have around 1/10 chance of having there walls covered in material. Although this does add some interest to caves it does limit cave mining in a big way. This was changed so that only the roof or surface can be covered in material rather than both. Hopefully this is a better balance.


Note that I wrote this post in the role of a miner, I’m not objectively hating Besevrona, it got kind of a vaporwave look (rad!).

I’m glad to hear it’s getting mining tweaks :slight_smile:

I was hoping that it was more a case of something going wrong instead of an intentional change. Great to hear its being worked on. Am I right in assuming that any fixes made in terms of caves would only count towards new planets?

With these type of config changes will the existing worlds regenerate and show the resources OR are the existing worlds stuck in this config and we will only see the changes on new planets?


These changes will only affect new planets.


Huh! That’s really interesting. I also had noticed that the walls of besevrona caves were covered with sponge, making the cave mining quite difficult in that world, but once I resorted to carving out my own mines, I found it quite helpful since it usually was a warning that I was going to hit a lava pocket. Anyway, I am glad that it was fixed for other worlds.

As far as I know, sponge is to represent safety since all the sponge I ever find is surrounded by lava… Mining is really great in Besevrona in terms of finding the gems. Surviving is a bit annoying since lava is everywhere you want to go lol

It’s freaking everywhere in the cave system I found, not a single floor or ceiling not covered in the stuff and it ran from a little below surface level down to lava level. I found a little bit of resources on the walls, but most I found through strip mining.

It might be ab it annoying at times but i definitely agree that the indication of lava is great for gem hunting

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I wish it did indicate lava, it would be a fun way to warn against danger. I wouldn’t live by the rule though. We haven’t intentionally used sponge in this way.


Sponge prevents falling damage?

I found out the hard way that foliage no longer prevents falling damage by jumping down ~70 blocks. And then a second time to make sure I didn’t miss or something…


I wasn’t keeping track of it but i know for sure i didn’t take any damage from at least 10 blocks high

That is too bad. . I can understand since you could in theory disrupt builds or trap people, but I wish changes made to make the new planets better could be applied to older planets.

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Good to know. Ill definitely test it out :smiley:

Definitely annoying, in an ideal world we’d be able to change the existing planets but this is part of the reason as to why we didn’t release a load of planets in one go - imagine having 20 (random number) and not being able to change them :sweat:


Thats why i was asking for several more iterations of planets on testing =/
Guess we cant do that now…

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