An incoherent/disjointed rant about the economy

It would be cool if the devs somehow highlighted cool things that are not in the economy. Builds, mazes, slides, art etc. but I guess they can’t for favoritism reasons. Still, maybe we could somehow do this as players. I wish it were easier to get around, lol.

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I think I might be the only one that doesn’t think World of Warcraft Auction House when someone mentions an Auction House on this game.

When I hear Auction House in reference to this game, I do not think of a list of things for sale that you just click on and instantly get that item in your inventory, I think of a list of items that are for sale with a location of where to go to get them. This “Auction house” would just hold a list of all items for sale/purchase.

Should new players wanting to start shops be punished for their location of their shop? Should they be forced to put their shop in a mall, a shopping hub, or in a popular?

Most of the popular and biggest shop owners have gotten as big as they are because of locations and ease to access. One players copper cog is not any better than another players copper cog…


I would definitely advocate for something like “shop index” or whatever might be less confusing.

An auction house is a place where you go to buy things, so, I think that sticks with people.

I’ve played at least one game where you had to go get your stuff if it was in another planet/server/region but you still complete the purchase right there with options for delivery or going to pick it up later.

I am curious whats the message, but I see I will need two beers before reading it :wink: Postponed for evening.

That is not an auction house, but an index service, and I might support that idea. Still would like to hear from others if they can imagine any negative complications from this? One potential negative aspect perhaps that I can think of would be that the days of hunting good deals would be over; you would just look up the indexing service and instantly see where and what. Though, on the other hand you would still have to go there, weigh out the cost in time and resources to go there, and also with possibility that someone gets there first, which could perhaps add positive gameplay I think.

I would not support actually making the purchase at the indexing service though.

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Dont play with my emotions :weary:


Ok… you have my interest… now we need more details :smiley:


Looks to me like someone pushed a build to testing an hour ago…


!!! … and I’m stuck at work :sob:


:o whats this

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Wowiwoweoow!!! Test now!


buy from and sell to? :o
ready for next update XD this looks interesting



Ooohhh yeah… more details? :wink:



is this live now ???

I can’t…I gotta run :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

not in live

Looks like it is on test server about to go check


It’s on the test servers currently… looks like it will be included in the next release to live though!