Latest build on test: Planetary shopping UI

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So Dave and Blake jumped in to an econ thread and posted some newsbits that probably deserve it’s own topic at this point.

@majorvex has taken some screens. Here they are:


Still exploring the latest build and any other test items they pushed through. If anyone finds other info relevant to the new build, please share it!

You can determine if you want the plinth/basket to be viewable so if you want to hide these things you can:

Distance, how many visitors, etc is viewable from the knowledge UI if the item is set to visible:

This is quoted for visibility. When you bring up the list of items/locations, simply clicking the shop you want to go to will provide to a ‘destination’ marker so you can find where to go, though it may include a bit of a walk.




what’s patrons part of info?


I can finally shop again :smile:.

This is also good, as i have shop stands as storage on 2 beacons. My shop is on its own beacon :smile:


I’m assuming it’s the amount of visitors that stand has had/purchased from. Need more people on test to prove it out though,


Looks very good! My dreams are actually coming true!
Add some info text on directions or location token generator, and its perfect.
And for us lazy people, add a machine searching through all known worlds and some sorting on distance/price, etc

great job, Im gonna test tonight :+1:


If the scope of this information is planetary or settlmenet, I hope @Simoyd creates a scanner to aggregate this information on a webpage for the whole universe.


Might be getting a little to auction housey there for some folks liking, but being able to get a tracking marker for the location you want to head towards might be a cool thing. it would be cool if we could get 20 or so people on test at a specific time to test out various stands and tracking possibilities.


Great balance between giving easy info, but not giving one-click-and-no-moving trading options.

If it’s based on knowledge tab then:

  1. I can’t look for items I don’t have in my knowledge tab yet
  2. I can’t look for forged items (how do I find lattice chisel or liquid breaker or AoE hammer?)


I agree, I think this is a good median. I’m ok with doing the footwork if I know I’m heading in the right direction. Though tracking would be ideal.


Good point, if we cant search for specific boons it may be up to the seller to put “Forge” somewhere in their beacon description


That’s a really good idea, could get even more detailed probably with the naming if they wanted. Would be helpful to see for sure.


Yeah… tracking… ok… not my favourite, but acceptable :slight_smile:
I have previously set a small shop on Muntel with some forged stuff for everyone, its part of the hub accessible from everyplanet.

I will try to make it traceable for the testing purposes.


So here is what I am seeing. I go to a planet to look for an item, it is 500 meters away so how do I find it? Walk in every direction and see when it drops to 499 meters? I figure out what direction and then will have to walk (even if I have the exact location) since I have no way of knowing if there is a portal that would get me closer. So even if I know they have something, how long will it take me to get there? And will it still be there when I arrive? I do not see this making any real difference unless you are already at a mall or something where there are a bunch of shops.

Not in favor of a solution that seems to favor one type of shop (in a mall) over the new shop or the small shop that might not be near a mall.


We will need to see more stands on test on the same planet with the same item, etc etc to see if this is a real concern.

I think Combustive has good idea, I think it was he that said if we can craft a token to the location we want to go, and then just warp to it that might be a way of getting around this concern (if its a valid concern)


I still think the token is better, sinks some coin and majority of people would use it within the planet, saves time, and gives equal chances.


Thats a good idea. Can we agree on Havran I / Shimering orb everyone ?


Great idea and commendable effort by the devs. This helps in finding items easily while keeping the element of exploration.


I agree it would be easier but the problem with this then becomes abuse for easy warping. I could put a shop stand anywhere I want for a quick 100c warp and no intention on buying said item. Now we have a world flooded with people replacing the portal system with ease of warp shop stands.

And I think they still want us to explore other things along the way to our shop destination.


I don’t really see much difference from the current state.
You can have beacons, provide tokens or save beacon location and warp to the beacon even now…
Its just that you can look it up via searching certain item… Providing location 1200;-754;72 - you don’t really know where it takes you to, do you ?

And with those 100c per warp… let people abuse it.


And all I want is the item, I have visited the planet before so why do I need to continuously explore other than to generate footfall?