Latest build on test: Planetary shopping UI

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I most agree with @Kal-El on this. That being said, I don’t expect the changes that I think would be most beneficial to the game in this area. They seem too unpopular with the vocal shop-keepers.

Given the testing implementation though, I wonder if it would be possible to give a cardinal direction along with distance (in the same way that you can find locations). That would feel a little less… clumsy.

Beyond that… how does it factor depth into the equation. Is that added to the ‘distance’, or is that only x/y distance? Do we arrive at the spot, and then be unable to find it because it’s actually on a floating/buried shopping complex?


Good question. We can currently set custom locations that include depth, so I would assume it would be included. Would need to test to be sure though


look forward to seeing more beacons on Havran I with shimmer orb so we can prove some of these concerns valid/invalid and help shape this to be a useful/enjoyable direction for the player base.

I do really like that it lists the quantity available of an item so I know if it’s worth bothering to go to in the first place.


click the shop/beacon name and it will set/unset it as a way-point :wink:


thank you for pointing this out!


I Agreed, maybe the dev can make a waypoint button that you click, and it shows up on the right side of the screen with a cardinal direction and distance.

I like this option


It already does it, I did not see it at first. If you left click the beacon, it gives you the destination.


Thank you for this.


Awesome, I love this idea then. Reminds me of way points in other mmos. It’s a good idea.


This is what it looks like, sorry for the dark screen, its night time.





The way it looks to me, it seems like you only have to be on the planet not roam around? If so, just pop in the portal and check for the item.


Test has 3 shops up now so this gives a better idea of how things look. You simply click on the shop right now you want to go shop at and a tracking marker appears.



Came here looking to buy a planet. Am now disappointed.


Only lists the 16 best priced shops… multiple shop-stands in the same beacon selling the same item are ignored / only the best price is used

Testing 230: World Shop Scanners!

I have one for sale and it comes with a nice bridge

Only 25 million coin


Maybe we need an option to ignore listings made by a certain player as we may run into an issue where the shop stand is inaccessible (behind locked door), or a troll intentionally holding the 16 spots so others lose visibility


Interesting. So I put down 16 shop stands and make an item cost 1 coin and then behind a locked door.


Sorry about that! @Orrian made a post too and I didn’t catch it right away until yours. I’ve edited the title thread to prevent any more confusion.


Well I like the lowest shops displaying if these are bought out, then the next lowest bumps up. Setting an acceptable base line for items to buy at.

Will probably help with stabilizing pricing