Latest build on test: Planetary shopping UI

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Yup, I wonder if there’s a way devs could prevent that altogether. Otherwise I wouldn’t be surprised to see it


Do the sell baskets display the 16 highest buy points?


They should make it so that only the cheapest shop stand on that world for the beacon owners account is shown, That way it will be impossible for one account to take up more then one slot for any single item.


You could show the closest shop stand of a player that has the item in stock but only one per player. No I would also suggest doing it per player and not per alt.

As far as inaccessible, I am not sure what the developers can and cannot tell to help with this.


That makes sense, except for players who share an account with their family. But maybe worth it in the long run to limit it by account.

And yea troll may not be the word as it can be seen as a strategic move, but ultimately also a form of trolling lol.


I wonder if we use the blacklist feature in game if it would(or if it doesnt maybe it could?) filter out those persons baskets?


So if 50 people on a world had the same price for an item, only the 16 closest would show. That may be worth testing to see if that’s already implemented.


They seem to be against naming and shaming and that could be exploited. So a group of us decides we do not like the competition so we blacklist them. Unless you mean a personal blacklist.


There are shops that use a lock door system and are only open during certain times?


Also, I’ve gotten 1 forged item going right now to put in the stand to see what we’re looking at exactly. Has anyone already gotten there? If not I’ll update within the hour.


Then if I am looking now they should not show. If the entire point is to allow players to find things easier then if a shopkeeper does not want to sell at that time, why should they be included?


Nice build. Is that using the new forged lattice chisel?


They will have to understand it is for the better good.

I always cross out that word when I quote someone who uses that word in a negative connotation, due to the fact I am insane and RP as, and have my online Persona as a Ice Troll.


Maybe beacons that allow their shop stands to be discovered cannot use locks in the beacon. But if you really wanted, you could still block your shop stand off with solid, non interactive blocks.


Why not? They still sell stuff just during certain times :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe some miscommunication. Currently on live (at least I think this is still true) you can go up to a person, press E, and there is a Blacklist option. This is what I am talking about using. I’ve never used that Blacklist feature in game so don’t know anything about it.


It seems like a lot of the better forge shops, especially in high traffic locations (busy planets) are unlikely to be displayed at all.

Hard to be sure, the devs have better stats available than any of us on how many shops there are, average per world, etc…

So I guess we’re about to find out stuff like, how many people are selling unforged chisels, or gem tools in their shops.


Got a forged item going right now to see if theyre already ahead of us here or not. There’s been quite a few suggestions over the last few hours that it seems the devs already had in game and we just had to find it. Im keeping my fingers crossed they did something for forged items.


Yeah, though it wasn’t due to trolling, when I used the scanner, this was the issue I ran into.

Though, perhaps a way to cut down on it would be - allow people to set separate prices for friends or guild members. That would be a useful feature regardless. That is why most I think are hidden. Then, the real trolls could be dealt with individually.


well it would have to be 16 shop stands each in its own beacon… but yeah you get the idea =/