Latest build on test: Planetary shopping UI

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And how does the poor buyer that is walking 700 meters know that? So he wastes time again because you do not want to sell at that time. I have a good idea, if the items is locked and a player shows up it disappears!!!

Not serious but there is no point in showing something I cannot buy right at the moment. if you want to eliminate the frustration for buyers then don’t show it. Why does the buyer have to pay for a choice the seller is making? Of course we do not even know if it is possible to not show it until someone tests it.


The number of patrons is partially there to help prevent the problem of “I’ll set the lowest price but lock the plinth out of reach”
If there’s a few shops with a good price and a decent number of patrons and then one shop with the lowest price and zero patrons you may want to consider if it’s going to be an accessible shop.


Is patrons the number of players that have bought from that stand or that item from that stand?


It looks like inspected the stand honestly. One second and Ill grab an updated picture. So we at least can tell that the stand is accessible it seems

Im fairly confident no one bought an orb for 50mil. Seems dubious given its test and you would have to spend a lot of chryso time. This would suggest patrons are visitors who have inspected the shop itself but did not necessarily buy. For the shop owner this could be good data to know if maybe they are priced too high or not high enough etc etc

Im not 100% that’s how it works, it could be just having a person path through the plot the stand is in also. Needs more testing.

Just confirmed as others have stated, that a patron is someone who purchases directly from the stand/basket. I just went to @Combustive shimmer stand inspected it, and it stayed at 2. It did not go up until I purchased the orb (unless there is a large lag period in how fast that UI updates)


That makes sense, unless that shop loses visibility in the list of 16. Any plans for a show more button or chance to blacklist owners?


I’m not too sure (I’ve not been heavily involved in the game play design) but I’d imagine a client side blacklist would definitely be possible. Obviously any feedback from the community trying this on testing will help us fine tune it before it goes to the main live branch.
I believe James is putting together some release notes probably later this evening so he may have some further details on existing additional plans.


I will actually have to jump on testing for this… Sounds like something that really interest me.


So you can buy or sell without going to the actual shop?


Correct, I sold to the request basket, that gave the one point to the “beacon”


Is it calculating total visitors for the beacon? Not the shop stand?


most likely number of unique people selling or buying anything


I bought one, but get message “Not enough money”.
Maybe it register the buy before the message.


You might just need to interact with the stand (maybe just check a price) which could be exploited. Get 5 players to check all your stands you check theirs in return and you all appear to have more “Patrons”.


No. not that I have seen. You just get a location destination, like when we track the hunt leader or set a custom destination waypoint and then you have to follow it to the stand/basket.


Bye bye FF traps.

Add custom warp location.


Thats good so spamming more shopstands doesnt skew the results aaand so the 999999999 storage shopstands dont interrupt people.


Maybe the devs can make it strictly sales or purchases for the specific plinth? Dont know if that’s possible.

It would be more accurate


Why is that? If the store is still at a mall, then you still have to get there and find the shop, so the mall still generates footfall. What am I not thinking about?

Never mind I responded before your edit. If you provided a warp destination then yes it would affect footfall.


Is anything else in testing. This intrest me very little.


most importantly people dont have to be in a dense location now. That’s how I viewed what he was saying, but I might be missing something myself. Unless of course the mall shops price lower than the ‘out there’ shops.

Blake said James is likely to post test notes later; they teased this info out in one of the econ threads so a few of us decided to drill down on it while we have the time right now. I haven’t seen anything else on test, but I really haven’t been looking either. Maybe someone else on test has noticed something?