Latest build on test: Planetary shopping UI

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My soul is sold to boundlesstrade net. If it gets fixed. So how about some combat.


This site is officially abandoned.

Any performance fixes? I might try your hunt today but last time i had to leave by the second meteor and haven’t hunted since.


Sadly, the concern is still valid. I’m not sure about the other hammer listed but the one I just listed at 45k is forged. There is no way to tell. So in this regards, some items may still retain that special customer / exclusivity that some people desire? I’m not sure if it’s the best thing, but this is where it is currently.


Nope 10 chars


@dave @blake any rationale behind not doing universe-wide listings? Or just easier to do planet-wide for now?


Last I heard the scanner isn’t being fixed and a new site is in the works, so…

What would you call it?

From simoyd.




We still don’t know the data format or anything, or when the API stuff is coming so it might be better to not waste time on aggregating it from the client. But if somebody has the time and will to do it it’d be great!


API post would be so much easier on us. Haha


Purely from a technical standpoint universe wide listing would be quite a bit more complex to add.
Also almost everything we’ve implemented for per planet listings would also have been needed for universe wide listing, so if we do go down the universe wide route at some point all of this work would at least be reused.


I would not mind that I dont see all the forged boons, but in this logic forged items will not be even in the list as they are way more expensive then standard tools.

I still think what I said earlier - this is great for basic orientation. For advanced features lets have a machine, showing more details, more filters, forged boons, generating location tokens.

However not sure if this is even possible in the current circumstances, as you need to consider every single item in the shop-stand.



Oh I’ve been waiting for something like this.


For sure. I’m happy to see the feature started. Thanks for all you guys and girls do.


All in all, there will always be issues and bugs, but this is a VAST improvement in promoting the economy. It’s a great starting point!.


I prefer the planet-based systems, as to allow more localised competition, so that the markets aren’t all identical.


This also makes malls the ideal place to trade basic items, the player doesn’t have to hop to so many worlds to see options close by.


Info travels fast, the market adjusts regardless. It’s more worthwhile for shoppers to have the widest available data range for prices and quantities


Yeah, I just feel local markets might be a little more interesting, even if info travels fast between planets.


I kind of hope a Universe wide listing won’t happen, mostly because I don’t want to see 50% of the forum topics turn into how undercutting is now a major problem and with things such as

„people are hurting my sales by simply existing“ -Bob
„I don’t have the time to change my shop stand prices 10 times a day“ - Timmy

I am not sure why this post decided to aim its self at the wrong person


That is incorrect.


But… undercutting and complaining already exists, the forum conduct doesn’t get to determine a feature :sleeping: