Ancient Tree Help


If anyone knows where I can find Ancient Trees on Houchus I, please give me Coords.

Thanks in advance.


I yet have to go there and find some (thanks to my bad connection today) but if youre looking for a specific color and you know where other types of wood of the same color are, go get them and then just swap them using a forged chisel. I did this myself (got twisted blue wood and changed to ancient). Also, be wise about changing them. Maybe it goes without mentioning but let me just say it for the sake of it. Swapping 50 refined woods is easier than swapping 216 timbers so know when exactly to swap the blocks to save yourself the hassle. Best of luck :slight_smile:


Im still looking for Ancients on Kol Hurro so yeah I could use those coords as well as Houchus


Yeah I was going to do this but as far as I can see Light Blue trunks are ONLY on this planet


Transformation chisel FTW