Ancient Tree Help


If anyone knows where I can find Ancient Trees on Houchus I, please give me Coords.

Thanks in advance.


I yet have to go there and find some (thanks to my bad connection today) but if youre looking for a specific color and you know where other types of wood of the same color are, go get them and then just swap them using a forged chisel. I did this myself (got twisted blue wood and changed to ancient). Also, be wise about changing them. Maybe it goes without mentioning but let me just say it for the sake of it. Swapping 50 refined woods is easier than swapping 216 timbers so know when exactly to swap the blocks to save yourself the hassle. Best of luck :slight_smile:


Im still looking for Ancients on Kol Hurro so yeah I could use those coords as well as Houchus


Yeah I was going to do this but as far as I can see Light Blue trunks are ONLY on this planet


Transformation chisel FTW


So I still have not found the Ancient Trees on Houchus I. I only need 2. I am willing to pay 500 for each one! That is 1000 up for grabs. According to Boundless Crafting the color is Light Blue.


Just buy a 1000c changing chisel at Finata Pawn Shop and change any wood from Hochus 1 to ancient by hitting any hochus trunk. :smiley:

The World Famous Finata Pawn Shop


This color tree ONLY is on this planet. There is no other wood that color to change it from. No other trees are light blue as far as I can see.


Oh my bad though other tree was the same color there. Do you have one? Could put in an atlas. But ill go have a look while hunting.


Nope don’t have any.


Missed twisted wood


Looking at that confirms what I said, there is only one Light Blue trunk.


I may take a look around later tonight when i get on. I enjoy solving mysteries like this :laughing:


I know I’ve posted this file elsewhere, but I’ll put it here too case anyone here missed it. All colors. And then some.

This is not my original file, nor did I create it. Nevir and okkelinor(?) Did this one! Thanks guys!


Looked around a bit on the hunt last night and this morning. No luck for me either :confused:


Someone has to know where this is. As @Stretchious has the color listed on his website…perhaps he can shed some light as to where it may be found.

Other wise I say we get a collection started and we throw in some coin for whoever finds it first and can verify it with the coordinates and a screen shot. I mean people were looking for Quests. Here is the first one!

I will start with 5k. Anyone else?


Have you found Stale Red Ancient on Kol Hurro? Im stuck on both Houches1 and Kol Hurro I will pay 50k for both locations and an advanced coil of you choosing just msg me coordinates.


I’ll pop on quick and give ya a hand. Are you on kol hurrow now?


Makes me wonder if it’s not like the weary violet gleam on Maryx. And deep in the water


I don’t think it exists. I looked all over the place and never saw any (spent HOURS on those planets). But I guess it could be deep under water.