Announcement: Release 100 coming tomorrow (with server downtime)

Release :100:, it’s happening, and it’s happening tomorrow. :100: includes a fair number of new things. Here’s the summary:

  • Crafting GUI (functional prototype)
  • New block types: steps, slabs
  • New prop types: door system (N x 1 size)
  • Crafted wood props inherit tint colour from wood used
  • New grass system, seeds and growing
  • Block names show on hover in inventory
  • Completely new set of block names
  • New start state: empty inventory
  • New entity lighting
  • Bug fixes

All this means we’re going to need to take all servers offline tomorrow starting at about 9AM (GMT) for about 6 hours. During this downtime the Steam client will update, but the game won’t be playable until the servers have finished updating. We’ll be sure to share updates here and on Twitter about the status of the update.

You can expect to be able to play with the update from about 3PM GMT

We never intended release 100 to specifically be a big deal (the biggest updates are still in the pipeline, and we’ll be sharing lots about that after 100 is out), but it’s all hype now so let’s ride the train all the way to the station :train: :100: :railway_car:


Woo finally some stairs, climbing those mountains…

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I’m confused. Is this the 100 update? Why so much? When did you begin to release the game at all?

Well that would of course include fully internal development releases and all the bug-fix releases.

This is an amazing and very much anticipated update!!..sadly for myself, I won’t be able to try it out until Sunday :*(. But Sunday!!! Watch out computer, you will be busy that day haha.

We’ve done a lot of small updates since launch, but we started at about 50 publicly (a lot of those previous were internal pre-launch releases)


My body is ready!

Hypetrain is coming in!

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Choo Choooooo!!! xDD

Sorry for that Spam :smile:


And what the release date in general?

As far as I know, its somewhere Winter this year? Or was it next year? Now I think it was this year.

Thought it was release 100 free accounts T_T :stuck_out_tongue: jk

I thought the texture update will be the next one…
great update aniway!

nice was waiting for the crafting system :smiley: totally hyped for that one and the steps

Yes! I’ve wanted the crafting to come out :D.
Getting closer and closer to the awesome open world(s) survival game i’m looking forward to.

Hurray, great news here! Can’t wait to see it!

I’m so glad 3pm gmt is 9am here :wink: ink:


(We’re holding the chests back for this release now, everything else remains the same)


noooo :sob:
when are we going to get the chests? Maybe with the texture update? (pretty please :smiley: )

Probably next week, don’t worry it’s not going to be months.


YES! Hey since we’re in a mode closer to survival now, could we get a creative type mode soon just for building funsies during this pre-alpha?