Announcement: Server Maintenance 9:30am (UTC) 31/01/2018 [Completed]

In order to update Boundless with the latest version on testing, we will be taking the live servers offline to perform some maintenance. During this period the live version of Boundless will be unavailable.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

Please use this link to see what will be in the next update:


I can’t wait to test these portal rendering options. This is a change I’ve been waiting for.


Thank you! I was caught unaware. Any anticipation of when we might be underway again? I know these things can be uncertain, but an hour? Four? Eight? :slight_smile:

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At least 2 hours, its doing a full resource regeneration.


This is perfect timing for me. Usually I’d be playing right now but I have a deadline for today so work work work. Yay!


Thanks for letting us know :smile:

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Hm, guess i’ll wait lol

What about a skill point reset? Is that part of this update?

The reset is optional. Look in your skills panel and there is an option on the top right which you are allowed to use once a week.


Was that always there?

No it is a new feature in this update. Previously you could only reset skills by using cleanse points.

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I read the things.
I understood the things.
I didn’t really appreciate the things until I am now seeing them in game. Holy crapo you guys did good. Really really good. :grin::grin::grin::grin:

-Eld :heart:


Love the floating text!

I love the flowers and the aloe!!! They are gorgeous! Will it be possible to get seeds from them to plant them on our plots?

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