Announcing The Boundless 1st Sculpting Festival! [Concept]

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So with the recent announcement of new upcoming chisel updates,

I came to the thought that it could be really fun to have a Community Sculpting Competition, thus after some deliberation @the-moebius and @andysav have graciously invited the competition to be held at the Therka Stadium in Therka Market!

1st place prizes:

1 gem tool set (Hammer, Axe, Shovel, Grapple)
1 Variety Chisel Set (1 of every Chisel type currently available)
Winning Sculpture will receive a Permanent location in Therka Market (Graciously provided by @the-moebius).
& A Community Honorary Title aka: Champion of the Chisel
(can be decided upon later and is just for fun)

2nd Place Prizes:

2 Gem Chisels
Sculpture will be featured for 4 weeks in Therka Market

3rd Place Prizes:

1 Gem Chisel
Sculpture will be featured for 2-4 weeks in Therka Market.

Top Donator Prize:

1 Smart Stack of Oort Shards
A Lot of shameless plugs for your city/shop/etc.
Privilege to Designate location of next Sculpture Competition (if demand for one)
The satisfaction in creating one of Boundless’ 1st in-game festivals.

Over the next week or two I will be scrounging up the materials for the competition, I.E: blocks to sculpt, prizes, tools for contestants, and general materials. I have set up a meager donation bank outside the stadium that anyone can drop off requested materials that I will continue to add request baskets to.

Unfortunately, I am too poor to buy all these materials from the community myself for coin, but my hope is that you all find this idea interesting enough to help fund it. Thus, I am officially asking for any and all donations! Though I will be doing my best to gather as much of the mats (materials) on my own I would appreciate all help. Any Color: Refined blocks, sculptable blocks, Refined Gleam, Lanterns, tools, materials to make tools, oort stones/shards, and more is required! If you want to donate one of the prizes or mats for this endeavor, or have any other interesting item or block you think would be cool to have in a sculpture, please pm me here on the forum and/or meet me in game.

Now, I hear you asking, how will the Competition Work? Well, The Rules are as follows:

The Contest will be held on an agreed upon date and time. Yes! The Competition is to be held Live In Game and feature a sculpting time limit!

There will be 5 Finalists that will gather to each sculpt an 8x8 plot of their chosen Refined block type and color and will be disqualified if they exceed their plot boundary.

Each Contestant will receive a limited # of Copper Chisels and required copper tools for the material they will be working with, (I.E: shovel for dirt, gravel, etc.), a limited # of other blocks and colors to create with, along with a mystery item or block each of them must use; announced before the Finals.

Contestants will receive a limited amount of time to sculpt and will not be able to leave the stadium upon entry. If a contestant leaves the stadium for any reason other than technical difficulties their sculpture will be considered finished and unchangeable.

My hope is to have the community chose the contestants through the forum. The idea is: for the next week or so while the mats are gathered. Each outpost, city, village, player community allow players to make sculptures; preferably 4x4 or smaller, so as to not overwhelm locations, in public places that they can post screenshots of and post here. The 5 players who’s sculptures got the most likes will be the finalists, and the competition date will then be set and rules finalized. I want to make this a festival that promotes the creativity and community that Boundless has inspired within me. So please help others get interested as well. If you are looking for places to show off a sculpture I recommend Munteen Paradise, shoutout to @OmniUno for the best shop in Boundless ATM & @Councillor for the growing town, or @NL-Tim’s Therka Market Gardens (He has 2) just ask! I’m sure he’d agree for short periods of time, right @NL-Tim?

Finally, Let me know what you think of this! Any Questions? Should it happen? Should there be changes?

Want to Donate? Check out the Donation Bank outside Therka Stadium -or- PM on Forum/Find me if there is no basket for it. Thanks! Looking forward to all the cool things we can all make together!

Who’s Interested?!


Therka Stadium setting up plots for Finalists.

Therka Stadium Donation Bank (work in progress).

Directions from Therka Market Moebius Plaza.

Site of 1st Place Permanent Plot. Right out front of @the-moebius’s Workshop in Therka Market.

2nd & 3rd place Statue Plots.

Sculpture size comparison: 4x4 or smaller recommended size during contestant hunt/ first heat in public locations. 8x8 is size for Finals and will be a fully filled in cube.

A few wild plots available in Munteen Paradise! Perfect for amatuer sculptors to place thier work! Shoutout to @Councillor for the neat looking streets.

These are @NL-Tim’s two gardens in Therka Market that I believe would be perfect locations for pop-up amatuer sculptures.


Set aside storage for Festival Mats. Day 1 result:

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This sounds great, currently working on something to enter myself.

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Would players be allowed to work on teams for a sculpture? Or perhaps a separate (or later) festival for team sculptures? For example, I could easily put together a two player team (either me and my significant other, or me and my roommate, as both play, etc) or we could do a 5 man team (me plus all my rl friends that have been lured to the game).

I’ve done a rl ice sculpting competition, at my old university (Michigan Tech) and they split it into two divisions - the month long (about the size of buildings) and the day (24 hours) long (usually about the size of a car to a maybe a dumptruck). Obviously it would not take that long in game lol because that was built on the idea that we had to freeze our own ice in frames and then carve it out. But I think the possibility of different divisions could be cool, from single sculpt to a group sculpt.

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Allowing teams of two seems fine to me.

My entry. Its in a 4 x 4 area and is meant to be a diamond/crystal with a red refined-gleam core. It is on Munteen in Munteen Paradise. Come and check it out at 1,727N -2,089E



I am heartily in favor of this project! Can’t wait to see the finals. I’ve always wanted to watch a build-off kind of thing.

4x4x4 does seem a bit small, tho, no? At least until the new chisels are implemented?


This is just an early model I thought in-game festivals could take so it’s currently experimental. Any input is welcome.

Currently, I just didn’t want people’s submissions to overwhelm settlements, permanent or temporary. Also, the Finals are going to be 8x8x8 Filled Plots so I was hoping to keep sculptors thinking contained; that’s all.


That makes sense, and I don’t dispute that people can do some lovely work with the 4-cube – or even smaller. I think it’s just my personal bias (and drooling over new chisels) showing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Llooking forward to seeing more entries!

Also, I am currently only one casual player gathering all the materials, and with the expectation of multiple candidates asking to work with the same type base block I’m currently looking at a LOT of grinding for the foreseeable future (One 8x8x8=512 of a single color refined block, let alone other colors, styles, or materials I feel compelled to get). All help or donations would be GREATLY appreciated, cough I’m looking at you @captnoswad; Top Donator so far! (All of this is only stated to give a small scope of the project at the moment not to be malicious or aggressive.)

With that said,

Please Continue Creating the wonderful submissions and spread the word about the THERKA SCULPTING COMPETITION :grin:

P.S. I’d also appreciate if all Therka Vendors could try to begin stocking up for the festival as well, as I’d appreciate the feel of a lively city for everyone. Please?

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Oops, good reminder! I’ll go check out the donation bank right now…

Edit: @Nedaryn is there any particular material(s) you’d like more of? I’m happy to go grinding…could use the XP tbh :wink:

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I’m currently putting together a list and will post hopefully within the next hour or so. thanks!

Also any random blocks or items you think would be fun as a grab bag or mystery item

So it took me longer than I thought, but I have compiled a list of the needed materials/tools/prizes that need to be gathered for the festival/competition.

To begin, anytime you see numbers, think in these terms: # of blocks currently stockpiled /(over) # of blocks needed -or- desired.

First off: Prizes

Donator Prize (I would like to add more to this but could use more ideas for rewards for people who donate. Help?):

Oort Rough Stones: 67/90 -or- Shards: 669/891

1st-3rd Prizes:

Diamond Tool Set:
Hammer: 1/1
Axe: 0/1
Shovel: 1/1
Grapple (2?): 0/1-2 (depends on funding)
Spanner?: 0/1? (depends on funding)

Chisel Variety Set:
Copper: 1/1
(Haven’t seen or made gem chisels in-game yet just see them on so I assumed they are in currently. Am I wrong?)
Amethyst: 0/2
Emerald: 0/1
Topaz: 0/2
Sapphire: 0/2
Ruby: 0/1
Diamond: 0/1

General tools:
Hammer: 0/ more than 30
Shovel: 6/ more than 30
Axe: 6/ more than 30
Chisel: 7/??? -or- A LOT

Finally the big one, the sculpting materials. (These are general estimates of required #'s for each block type and are only the desired goal. At the stated Resource levels, I feel we would have no problem putting on the festival, but I also know that some of it could be a stretch/ doable without going to such lengths as well. If my math is correct, an 8x8x8 plot filled in plot should require 512 blocks. Since I want to allow multiple teams to use the same type block I thought 2 full 8x8x8’s would be enough of on-hand blocks. Thus as 2x(8x8x8)=1024, the desired block total in the graph.)

I apologize but since there were so many different block types and numbers to keep track of I ended up making a small graph. Please bear with this please as this was the quickest and easiest way I found to write this all out.

I plan to continue updating this chart and post regularly to let the community know what we still require as we get closer to the festival.

If you care to, let me know if I missed anything, screwed up somehow, etc. Also, any odd items/blocks you would like thrown in as a surprise challenge are welcome donations as well!

Please Donate and Help spread the word about Boundless’ First Festival!
Those not on the forums must hear the word!

**This Festival Update is brought to you by @captnoswad via Nasharil at @Jeffrotheswell’s portal Hub (this town needs a name… I Like “Cthulian”, big tentacle mountain reminds me of Cthulu.)


@SWProzee1 who’s Giant Hub now features Shop plots available for the taking! Get them while they last!**

Enjoy a Boudless Day!



Ooh, very nice. I’ll get digging. Might be worth blacking out the nonexistent stone colors too, just to save confusion. :wink:

You’re not wrong. At least, I don’t think so – I’ve seen gem chisels in my recipes list at the Workbench, though never made one.

all stone should have the same colors, only wood should have gaps… at least when using @Kawwak’s Builder’s Museum as reference?

stone has 9 colors that they all share


ancient has 4 colors, twisted 5, and lustrous 4.

I think each type of stone has 3 colors – normal, Vulpto-color, and Nasharil-color. No? Or - is there such a thing as white Igneous, for instance?

ah good catch! guess i got carried away with graphing lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Aw man, I was kinda hoping there were all those colors secretly hidden somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

well wait a moment now…

ive been using forum photos of @Kawwak’s builder museum to keep from spending time flipping between the game and documents but i realized that i have yellow igneous in-game but there is no yellow igneous in the photos!

I’ll leave it in for now even if it becomes a wild goose chase for the community, it could be funny.

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Maybe that’s the one you’re calling “green” in the table? it’s kind of a grungy yellow as I remember.