Anoobis ~ My last build

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I’ve had a bit of a side project on the go for a while now, and I feel it’s at a stage of development that it’s ready to open up to new citizens…

I present to you … Anoobis!

We have access to local and short hop portals…

… and even long hop portals for you far traveled types!

There’s outdoor spaces to enjoy…

… and not forgetting, one of the most prominent landmarks to grace the skies of Septerfon… “The Totem of Noobishness”!

There’s a few free spaces available, with more room to expand towards the hills and also beyond the Totem…

So if you feel like you can keep in theme with the current settlement, why not claim a humble patch of land and start building!

… and if Building isn’t your thing, but you’d like to be part of the settlement anyway, there’s also a couple of fully-equipped starter homes available for sale! (all machines only. furniture not included).

Ready to move in and fill with furniture!

Custom furniture can also be made on request (for an additional fee)


I love the totem of noobishness!


cool! i love it! Welcome all the noobs

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It looks awesome! I’ve been thinking about setting up on a ring world. Not sure which one yet, but the hunting there is so much fun.

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And the added bonus is the meteors give you tech components! :smiley:


Yelp Review:

Best bartender around. 10/10 would drink brews in your tavern again. :grin:


wow it looks awesome.

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Hey, I’d love to snag a plot please if there are any left?

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hey @Stretchious looking amazing visited 2times lol
gonna link up new club prestige hub soon
my portal to elara now goes to nowhere as elaracity despawned and nobody noticed lolz

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Sure, there’s still a few left!

There is a portal from my little shop in Therka market, which I think is near a couple of your plots

Easy road to Anoobis is from the Plaza over Kar Ladur. Just run across to the next portal.


I’ve almost finished my build. I love the views of the lake and mountains!

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@Stretchious Can you please hit my portal in Anoobis? The small one.
Needs to be open from your side or it will be in the wrong direction.

I’ll log back in and do it now :wink:

Ok, so the new town wasn’t ready for new people… I should never have announced it was… as it just opens it up to people whose seemingly sole intent is just to ruin what you have built

I can now understand why Chisel Town was built the way it was… and why Pixel Gate was abandoned. I’ll start tearing it all down tomorrow and will relocate elsewhere.

@HiggsFoton Great job … you killed a town

Oh my gosh, that is so sad. Poor Anoobis. Are you planning to lend out plots like Chisel Town after you rebuild to maintain control of the look? Definitely a way to protect the beauty of Anoobis. When you are finished I would like to link you to the Portal Seekers Septerfon hub.

Gah, that’s a shame. Let me know when you relocate, I’d like to join in again.

So sorry to see this… I mean if you really wanted to build in your own style anyways why even bother to join a themed town community build!!! Whats the point in joining a community? 5-10 plots away from town isn’t too far of a run to the portal hub.

No need to move! Wall them off!!

Create a reason in the town for the wall to exist big clock? maybe and hide that build away! after a certain build height, you can’t see what is up there anyway.

Where there are blocks, there is a way!


That to me is griefing though… you’d essentially be preventing that player from getting to their claimed plots…

… hmmm, maybe if I left him a door at height 254 it would be ok :thinking: