Another one bites the dust

SkySaga, another sandbox game similar to Boundless is closing down.
The game was in beta too. No official explanation but I suspect the publisher didn’t see the potential anymore. Oh wait…this post was not meant to be a sad one but a cheering one. :fearful:

About Boundless I am really happy with the recent updates and I hope the dev team feel the same. (maybe with a chance for a 1.0 release in 2018? should be great! :wink:)

All my hope is in Boundless now, you will see me more often in the game too.

Keep up the good work!


Always sad to hear about another studios struggles. Hopefully those affected will be OK.

If you would like to help us out and spread the word of Boundless please take a look at this thread.


Thanks for the infos! I posted a positive review on steam recently.

Since the description table in “english.json” are less subject to change I am translating the game in French. Baguette people tend to avoid games not translated. My dear, we are so snobby :face_with_monocle:

Will spread Boundless awareness to the french mmo/sandbox community when it’s done.


I’d not played skysaga that much, but it is sad news that they’re not able to continue.

That’s excellent! I was actually trying to arrange some translations a while back, but never managed to get around to it yet. When you’re done translating to French, could I get a copy of the json file for use on Boundless Crafting?


Great Idea!
The file will be available on github as soon it’s done, this way everyone can get it or submit pull request.

I have an issue with special characters “é” “è” “à”
The game font seem to allow them but…the string encode/decode display strange results or parsing error :persevere:

" \xE9" - “%C3%A9” - “& eacute;” - “& #233;” - “\u00e9”

Anyone can tell me wich encoding is used by the game UI?

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how could I help to translate the game in french?

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