Q: What can I do to help?

Steam Reviews

If you have a positive or negative thing to say about the game, we would like to encourage more people to post a review of Boundless on Steam. The game has changed a lot since a number of reviews were posted, so having more recent reviews will help reflect the current state of the game to interested people.


If you’re a streamer on Twitch, Youtube or any other platform we encourage you to broadcast the game and let us know the link so we can share it on our forums and social media channels. In addition, it would be very useful to us if you can upload your videos to Facebook and Instagram as well as Youtube to help reach a wider audience.

If you’re more of a viewer, then we really would appreciate it if you could ask your favourite streamer or broadcaster to give Boundless a go and do a “Let’s Play” of the game.

Spread the Word

Sometimes nothing beats good old fashioned word of mouth. Telling people about Boundless, sharing the experiences you’ve had in the game and encouraging other people to join will help the game’s community grow and spread awareness about Boundless.

Social Media

There are many channels to explore here and simply mentioning us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and any other social media platforms you can think of will help. All you need to do is add the #playboundless hashtag or @playboundless to any posts you make and that should be enough to give us a mention. You can also post one of the following links to websites, forums and other groups to help spread the word and raise our profile on Google searches.

You can also like, follow or subscribe to us on the following channels:

Facebook - Boundless
Twitter - https://twitter.com/playboundless
Twitch - Twitch
Youtube - Boundless - YouTube
Instagram - Boundless (@playboundless) • Instagram photos and videos

Web Communities

Overtime Boundless has steadily developed a number of communities across Facebook, Twitter, Steam, playBoundless.com, Discord, Reddit and many others not listed here.

It is difficult to keep track of all these communities and we would like to encourage other members of the community to answer questions, assist those who need it and refer them to the development team on playBoundless.com if it needs our immediate attention. We would also like to encourage players to share the development updates we announce on the forums.


Boundless is on wikipedia! A huge thank you to those involved and we look forward to seeing more content on this page from the community. We cannot do it ourselves because it would violate Wiki’s terms and conditions, but if some members of the community took the time to give the Boundless page a bit of attention it would really help us.

Here’s a link to the wikipedia page:

And here’s a link to the Press Kit if you need logos and images:

Steam Tags

Steam has a system that allows you to tag a game with terms that you think are relevant to the game. We would like it if members of the community went into the Boundless steam page and tagged the game with terms they think are appropriate, or apply to Boundless.

User Content

Got an interesting video, written story about an event you had in the game or screenshot about Boundless? Let us know on our Social Media channels or on playBoundless.com and we’ll feature your content on those channels.

Share Your Ideas or Suggestions

If you feel you have a suggestion or an idea that will improve people’s awareness of Boundless then please feel free to get in touch.

Link Your Youtube account to Steam


##Be Awesome

Continue being a community that treat each other well both in and outside the game, that sure will contribute to people wanting to play the game ^^


i have been doing some streaming recently

though i admit, im a terrible streamer. my laptop isnt that great and i dont watch the chat usually so im not talking to anyone. just listening to terrible music while i mess around.

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I’m not sure where you wanted us to share our links to you, but here’s my YouTube page. It’s pretty simple, so I try to stick to an average of 1 video posted per week. But hey, medical school, family, and my church responsibilities consume a lot of time!

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Just FYI

I had a friend of mine all signed up and ready to play, but he couldn’t get the game to launch from steam. I looked through the forums, it looks like this happened before, back in October, but was resolved with a patch.

Either way he’s refunded the game, and said he’ll wait until it can at least be launched. Hard to attract new players and interest if people can’t start the game.

Unfortunately, I agree. I’m very careful in the things that I say about Boundless right now, and I’m certainly not going to go all-out advertising for the game until it’s stable and doesn’t have such obvious, regularly occuring bugs. Some of the ones that they fixed have come back in recent updates as well.

I’m all for this game, I want it to succeed really badly. But, I’m not touting it to friends and family until it’s stable.

Well I am a Streamer and I love games like this. I am very open about games in general and what this game is and where it is at in the development. Bugs or not I want people to know about this game and follow along if they are interested. I will be playing this much more on my channel as I learn more about the game my self. If you would like to watch you can check out the link here. www.twitch.tv/30nstillgaming. I am always looking for good topics about gaming.

Sorry I am on the east coast and I stream at night
tues and Wed 8pm to 2am EST
Thurs to Sun 11pm to 2am EST


i sometimes stream this game :slight_smile: but my streams are a bit boring since i still don’t talk much, i just show the game.
But on Twitch, there hasn’t been allot of Boundless Streams yet :frowning:

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Feel free to share your link with the rest of us :slight_smile:


I wondered who PookieNumnums was! >_< :smiley:

Hey, all! I love the game and I’m focusing my content on it currently. Feel free to check it out if you’d like to. Also if you’re on Solum and want to meet up let me know. :slight_smile:


The link to my Twitch is https://www.twitch.tv/kogisa
I stream almost everytime i play the game, to share both my learning and how i play.
I try to enjoy every last bit of it.


I created a German wikipedia site to help you and the awesome game. I hope it doesn’t get deleted. The site can still handle a lot of work. If other German players are active: Schreibt mit an der deutschen Wikipedia Seite und ergänzt Informationen. :smiley:

Link: Wikipedia - German

And I haven’t found the logo the logo that @luke-turbulenz uploaded.


I really want to help boundless, this is my favorite game and I want to see it flourish, so I am going to give a go at the youtube thing for the sake of boundless and creating a boundless adventure series!


Logo has been approved.

You should only need to reference: Boundlesslogo.jpg

I changed it. :slight_smile:

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I gotta toss in a thumbs up for @Stretchious website Boundless Crafting! Great site! =)


Updated for Youtube streamers

If you link your Steam account to Youtube you can upload your videos to Steam.


I did not know this was a thing. I’ll have to check into doing this as I will be streaming from YouTube.


@james @luke-turbulenz
A Steam key giveaway on Twitter now and then, entry based on simply RT a promo tweet from the devs might go a long way. RT can add up fast! :wink: Also, I hope you plan to participate in this year’s Steam Winter Sale I don’t ever recall seeing Boundless on sale.