Another Plea to Improve the Game: Armor Edition

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Here I am to make my semi-annual post about how this game could be so great! You know I only keep coming back because I want the game to succeed, right? Even after all this time, I won’t give up my tiny glimmer of hope…

Anyways, I won’t bore you with a list of my credentials and why you should care about my opinion. If you know me, then you know me. If you don’t - then nice to meet you! Instead, I’ll just get right into my suggestion this time around, and as usual, I’ll hope the devs read it!

What this game needs:

Armor. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a complex system, maybe just a couple slots! I’d love to see more, and accessories too, but I’m starting small and keeping my hopes simple.


To fix an enormous multitude of problems with combat, and give players more things to craft - and ultimately, break, and re-craft, as is the cycle of Boundless - as well as the always imperative “to look awesome” aspect!


Here comes the meat of the argument/suggestion.

Boundless needs more interesting combat - the combat feels janky the majority of the time, and there are some situations that you simply don’t have great tools to deal with (or, you do, but they feel really cheesy and unfun - ie: bomb pits, pillars, etc).

Armor is our solution.

Consider: If you could forge onto your body armor: Knockback resistance. How much less painful would it be to fight Wildstock if you could take their hits without flying around the universe?

Consider also: If you could forge effects into your gear to really customize your combat experience. There’s a lot of ways this can be done, and I could get into a loooong post of things we’d love to see as new Forging options… but there’s no reason to get so ambitious!

This also potentially gives us ways to introduce stronger, scarier monsters - since we’ll have a way to deal with them besides cheesing or just having massive health or talent point armor that doesn’t feel very effective at high levels.

Anyways, this post was probably already long enough to get my point across and I don’t feel like beating dead horses.

Please sound off in the comments - I know you want this, duh! But specifically, what is your wishlist for how this could be implemented? Do you want a full armor system, or maybe just a single “armor” slot that is the whole set, which can be tinted, etc?

How do you feel about armor? (editted for readability)


Armor would be nice. But with the current state of hunting/combat, armor is pretty pointless.
Once we have a combat overhaul or titans, it would definitely be great to have armor though :slight_smile:


I’m hoping they come out with a skill tree/armor/weapon overhaul all at once. Skill tree needs to be revamped with the idea of armor, combat skills and future additions in mind. Lots of ideas have been posted about, we just have to wait to see how they mesh everything together.

Yep, armor, aka wearables, are sorely needed. After all, they’ve been a general concept for over 4 years.


Basically there is “armor” in the game.
Not for yourself… but mobs have it…
Under the name tag theres those greeb/Purple dots.

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Fixed it for you

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Next time i post it in Finnish… try to fix that


Hehehehehehehe @buugi
Honestly I’d be happy even with a bunch of tattoos that look like clothes like what @majorvex is working on
You should do this one next major:


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These are in-game shots from Sept 2016.


I really want armor. The shields teased a few months back are a good start and they’ll be useful, but until they drop some t8’s and overhaul the skill tree I’m not sure armor would have a place yet. If it added one more buff to your character it’d be super fun (If a little overpowered) but if it only affected our health I’d be disappointed.


The whole game needs tweaking not just armor. Yes it’s a great game. Huge rise in online gaming. Doesn’t reflect the amount playing boundless. It’s become stale.its needs armor. It needs more skins. It needs shield that never happened it needs titans. It needs new creatures. It needs a update on hunting. Needs new blocks . Updated forged . Better crafting numbers. There is a reason people leave and come back and leave agian. Yes it is a great game. Yes devs have done a awesome job. But we can all say we need to advertise it. But alot of people also do know the game and still choose not to play. So I plea with you. Bring out armor. Start bring out updates that actually make the game fun. For more people to want to play.


Hear, hear!

Yup. We like the game - but we can’t understand why the devs don’t see what we see: overhaul combat, give us armor, and you’d get more players! Don’t you want more sales, more gleam club subs? @james

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Anna mennä! Annamennä annamennä!

At this time. Yes i would also like to see more possibility’s for customizing our characters looks.

That said armor in my eyes as combat now is or even the “just taking dmg” is pointless.
Even tough that protection epic’s give more protection to some degree it still doesn’t matter as damage taken is based on %.
So if you have very high or low health you will go down in the same number of hits.

At least that is how it feels to me.

Still i would love the idea but based on protecting your self then i rather have it come when they redo the combat system or after they redo it.

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There’s armor in one of my slingbows I thought…“Hard As Nails”?

It’s better on a golden fist, imo : )

I was thinking more a wearable armor. Not a buff…wearing shiny armor. Jousting on my horse watching ortians running for there lives…


I would like craftable armor too. And other weapons


And spring boots, so I bounce when landing instead of taking dmg


and backpacks.