Any chance of some of the Test realm stuff being imported in

Just wondering if theres any chance some of the test realm stuff like the swords and shields and the new skill system could be brought in at some point would mean so much to me those small things.

This would make the wait much more pleasurable, as I think these are huge game changers.


They say 6 months to a year before any new changes roll out. Maybe we will be lucky enough to get something earlier.

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esit… there is something at test realm now?

Highly doubtful. Tiggs said a minimum of 1 year. Like a couple weeks ago.

@LordBoogieBlue hey. Was nice seeing you in game the other day. :slightly_smiling_face::beers: hope you stick around even though there won’t be anything new happening for awhile. If you need anything holla at me.


I don’t expect it any time soon and don’t need anything new personally. Tiggs and Monty said they need to get a team in place which could take 6 months to a year and then they would work on the NPE. I hope that is the main and only focus and it comes before swords and shields or skills.

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This is where I got the at least a year. Maybe you missed it. :v: Most likely I’ll still be around by then.


Yes sir. Totally saw it you know me and how often Im on here lol.

I’ll be around I’m sure.

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I know we need to wait, I have no issues with that, but by the same token, I highly recommend them looking at this portion of update 249 in conjunction with the New Player Experience:

Solo character skill trees:

We have made major changes to the Skill cap and progression system in the game.
To allow a solo player to craft all items we’ve updated the skill tree to allow characters to unlock all independent skills.
The skill cap is now 359 Skill Points.
We have removed alternative selection links for many linked Epic Skills. These changes are to allow players the freedom to use a single character for all areas of the game. However we have retained Epic links to create DPS, Tank or Healer characters in combat.
Players will receive 2 Skill Points per level until level 180.
Skill points are now no longer shared between skill pages. Meaning the player can spend their max points in each page.
XP required per level continues to increase between level 50 and level 180

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