Any existing hammer chart?

Hello again everyone, I just recently saw this chart about the Slingbow damage, depending on the Material & mastery.

Well just wanted to know if a hammer version existed (I guess there is no one yet, cause I couldn’t find it), that was showing the hits needed for each hammer type and for every mineral type.
If it doesn’t exist, well may I help creating one, for the benefits of everyone?

@Nibuls made this post but it’s outdated. They may be working on updating it and might appreciate a hand. Just keep in mind that values are constantly changing and nothing is being finalized right now so any work done on a resource like this could be undone in a matter of weeks or even days.


I currently have some collected data on this but I haven’t been feeling very well so I haven’t been doing anything relating to this. Once I’m finished collecting the data my intention was to add the info on the wiki.

If im not mistaken you can now right click on tools and see a wealth of information… sadly i’ve been out of pocket for the past week or two so i haven’t had a chance to test much (and therefore don’t know if the info is updated as you gain power/mastery)… just b4 the patch i had all the durabilities fully tested but now its listed in game so time wasted there i guess O.o when i get some time i’ll finish up my testing and make a video & chart… although it may be a moot point =/

We sure can how much damage a hammer does, but I don’t know how much damage you need to break a block, so we can count the hits needed per hammer.

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I can help you if you need some handwork ^o^

You can see that in debug overlay. Every block has health which is displayed in that info. Rocks are 1200 iirc

Currently the data I’m missing most of is what @Spoygg mentioned, the block healths. These are all likely to change, given what’s been said about difficulty of worlds and breaking blocks etc, but it would still be useful to make collated data at this point to have a pre-organised format that just needs tweaking later.

Edit: These are the only block healths I have made note of currently:

Rock: 1200
Trunk: 1200
Leaves: 800
Fibrous Plant: 800
Copper Seam, Iron Seam, Soft Coal Seam, Med Coal Seam: 2400

Edit 2: If anyone just wants to help filling out data directly, I’ve made the table for tool base properties for the wiki on this page


updated the chart ^^

… also here is a peek at what i’ve been working on ^^

you can use it via the link… but doing so will change the calculator for everyone so for best results sign into a google account and go to “File” and click “Make a Copy”

you may also download it and run it in Excel or OpenOffice but that tends to brake things

This is a work in progress but i think it’s almost there =)


I love you

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