Any tips/pics on cool materials for a modernist build

need cool lamps for the garden outside
need lawnart
if someone has a modernist house any screenshots?
whatever for inspiration


Pinterest maybe, if you haven’t already checked.


The player(s) running the Forger’s Avenue had some modern builds with nice details.


Using a light source with white glass.

Thinking of a good example to show…
You can get the idea kind of at the new DK hub I’m building on tana (head East at the mall).
Nut sure how visible it is because the portals aren’t activated yet but the “floor” beneath them have almost a blue fog feel because of the white glass.

If you put black glass (panes) “on top” of the white for example, the white glass almost looks like neon.
(Removed the old hub where you could see the effect on Lamblis but kind of liked it)


you can find some nice ideas at fireangledeaths place (tnt member portal)
and H.S.E planet town


Srr I forgot :wink:

The i circled what i mean… brain isn’t working :wink:
But the yellow (glass) is actually white glass…

Using an additional color of light will gradually blend the colors together at the center of the glass.


2 nice modernist homes on lasaina i can take you to if you want

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I have some really cool looking designer furniture, lounge area, bedroom suits, living room area, bathroom, kitchen area etc on Lutrion if you would like to come visit. Go through the TNT Lutrion Portal and you will be on my base. Take the small portal that says Phyre-Fly’s Mansion / Workshop and it will take you straight to my house that has everything I mentioned.

Just a few sneak peak pics
Also my friends at Wildstock Palace on Cephonex habe several modern houses they have built. Extremely neat looking


I might have what you seek…let me find a screenshot that I saved back in the old days!

edit found it back in 2018 screenshots xD


love the light wood decking need that so it doesnt end up all white

love it need get me a decent chisel

im europe time in the evenings around 5to6


omg love the lounge def will be looking at these to build mine

that shower vase thing of your friend would make nice light aswell thks for all the pics def helping

oh my current beacon thing is tempory apparantly :grin:


Thank you, your more than welcome to “steal” any ideas lol. Now the shower vase thing is mine at my place. I tried to go back and separate my stuff from their stuff, but couldn’t figure it out. Their stuff starts with the yellow house and down. Everything else above the yellow house is mine. The very last pucture is what my daughter built.

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