Any way to completely start over?


Is there a way to start a brand new game from scratch?

I’ve been away for awhile for medical reasons and lost my settlements etc, so I’d rather just start from scratch.



Create a new character and ignore the others.
Delete all of the characters you have, Then create a new one,
Create/buy a new Account.


I dont know that you can delete your last/first/only character. Quickest would be to buy the new character with cubits, and then switch over.


And this way once you’re back in the swing of things you have a nice alt complete with plots :smile:


This is not the conversation I thought it was :nerd_face:


Is there a way to start a brand new game from scratch?

Delete the game. Then download it again


That wouldn’t solve the issue, here. The character and progress would still exist.


it was just for laughter


You can join the group of us that are more and more wanting a complete universe wipe and new game for us all after the Farming update hits and after all the past post-EA balance changes so we can experience Boundless in its full cycle! :slight_smile: hehe…


While I might potentially agree with you on a wipe eventually… now is surely not the time.

1st - I’m pretty sure a ton of players would quit entirely, which the devs don’t want

2nd - While I understand that many sweeping changes have happened since “release” - and more to come, like farming: They aren’t even close to being done. Titans, Protectors, and other promised features still don’t exist. Should we wipe AGAIN when they come out? No, if anything, the wipe would need to wait for all the major planned features to finish first


I agree all them plots your original char will have now why waste them make a new alt and just use your old char for the plots and give your new char permissions on the beacon hey presto :grin:


yea it would be a trifecta wipe in the dev folder


That is a rad gif, and accurate


Certainly no offense intended but I find it interesting about every time I mention a wipe there is a response by people… even with I am clearly joking about it in relation to a person asking about starting over.

There are plenty of people who won’t quit or will more than take the wipe in stride and continue to play the Boundless game they love. I know because I have asked more than a few and they agree how a wipe is helpful and they see way beyond the “build” they have now. I’ve had extensive conversations because I want to understand why people would quit and why they wouldn’t. I see and understand and support both sides of the argument.

And using “fear of quitting” as an excuse really makes no sense because people quit the game now for a variety of reasons. But, then again I wasn’t trying to start a conversation on a wipe and just joking in relation to the poster.

We wipe again… What is wrong with that… If we really have enough huge game changes that greatly change game play like the balance fix, Planet design changes, and farming have created in how the game is played. I’m sure the group that are for a wipe now will have no issues to wipe again in a year or 2 if it is needed…


How many are in that group?

I am in the group that if that ever happens I won’t come back, ever…




I wasn’t trying to mock, and I guess I’m not on the forums enough to gauge your seriousness anymore. Sorry, but my responses were just what they were :man_shrugging:


Some people may not understand it is a joke, and some people take the idea seriously enough that it doesn’t matter if it is a joke or not, and needs to be rebutted.

I would quit because when I signed up for this game, It was more or less suggested by what I read that there would be no more wipes after the Beta period ended, And therefore that has dictated the amount of hours i was willing to spend in the game, knowing that my progress is permanent as long as I kept everything fueled, or until the game shuts down.

The amount of effort I would put in to the game, knowing that the devs could and would rip the rug out from under my feet at anytime, would be quite a bit different. and my view on the game would be alot different, even to the point i may have never played it to start with,

I came to boundless because I was tried of the minecraft servers I was playing on, shutting down for various reasons, and losing most of my work, even the ones I was an admin on, the last time that happened, I downloaded the whole server and have not touched minecraft since.

With the boundless servers hosted and controlled by a company and not a random user, That gives me much more sense of security that my stuff will remain until the company fails and goes under. which is a more acceptable risk to me.

Having random wipes, or even one wipe, would more or less destroy the fundamental reason I gave boundless a shot in the 1st place.


Yeah I didn’t really see it as that… I guess all I hear is the same thing and I threw you into that group. Sorry about that.


Well it is a serious topic for those that want it as well… but in this case it was followed by a “:slight_smile: hehe” so I would assume it was to be taken more light hearted. Had I not included that I could easily have seen how people would take it more serious.