Any way to completely start over?


Yeah plenty of people have been very clear on this. I get the reasons and can understand and sympathize as well…

But people can easily argue that when they joined Boundless they didn’t expect to have purple towers that were never done beside them or GC beacon extension or people expoiting regen bombs or footfall slides or a million other things… or how about the backers that paid massive amounts of money not getting 90% of the promised returns… or seed returns being demanded to be 100%.

So we can take very many things and use that as a reason to not allow any change or threaten to leave…

So I and a group of people are more than allowed to say our view especially when people refused to acknowledge our views but are more than willing to expect that we follow their views. It gets to be very interesting to see who in this forum sits on what side of a sticking point and how they justify their positions.

Anyway this isn’t meant to move off topic so I’ll drop it because as I said it was a joke.


I’m with @AeneaGames. Who all is in this group for a wipe. You’re the only person who I’ve seen mention it or joke about it. And I’m on here more than what’s good for me.


Why is that relevant? Or why are we now in a 1 group versus another group to determine what happens in this game? Do you want a list of people’s names so you can hunt them down? Or is it just because you don’t believe me or think I am lying?

When people said that having to find 25 seeds (which were more than readily available) out of 100 to replenish planting stock for Farming was still way too much “work” for them - did we ask how many were in that group? For any other topics (polarizing or not) do we expect people to share how many are in the group that has the same views as them? No.

We have polls but don’t expect those that vote to justify how many are in their group and feel the same way. So why is it different here?

The number is 85… Does that change the discussion? No. Will Aenea and her group of people now not leave? No. The number is irrelevant… I would hate to see Aenea (and others) go, but she has already wiped herself and proven that she is willing to do that when the old Market was removed. That means her “leaving point” is contextual based on pain felt. So we just find where the breaking point is and stop just before that… wipe 15 our of 40 planets… there issue solved and both sides win.

What if I said that you got 40 storage slots and half the levels or all your ALTs as well as a blue prints that could cover 60% of your builds. Would that change the number of people that would leave? Who knows…

Honestly, I can respect but not control if people leave because they can’t look past their own interests to see a bigger picture of game health or are very attached to their builds, or can’t see how new things bring new excitement. We don’t lament those that left the forums or the game for other reasons. Or threaten to leave if we don’t have Titans by Christmas… Why here on this topic?

Many people don’t watch the forums, many people have tried to participate in the forums and don’t share anything anymore because of the lack of ability of some people to accept other people’s views or have a respectful conversation. So why would we assume the forum defines what is important or not?

Until people are willing to have a discussion on HOW we could accomplish something and then decide IF we should instead of just threatening to leave, why would any person that isn’t ready for a beat down on these forums actually share their views. Many just go with the crowd and trend because they don’t feel safe opening up here even though they are willing to do so in private.


A server wipe is not what the OP was looking for and belongs in another thread. Could we agree to move on, please?


Lol wish there was a dislike button. Sorry we went slightly off topic/on to a tangent of starting over. We will stop so everyone can be happy.


That was not an universe wipe tho, I just moved planets, I could take all my characters with me including my main with all their plots and all the mats, machines, coils and coin I had…

Wiping the universe and resetting everything back means I would need to start over, I will have zero plots, I would even lose the ones I actually paid real life money for, will be level 0 and would only have the single character at that point.

It’s totally not the same thing…


No you wouldn’t lose what you paid for with $$

But we are still off topic. We need to stop so we don’t upset more people :sweat_smile:


So I would start with a bunch of cubits?? Because the game doesn’t know which cubits I used to get plots and which to get other items…

Still do not want to start from scratch tho, it essentially makes everything I’ve done since September utterly useless. Sure one day the servers will go off and basically that’s the same thing, but this is different, if it’s done now when the game goes on then who can guarantee me that it will not happen again in 8 months time? Why bother trying to build something up when there’s another wipe looming?

No thanks…

Yeah, I will stop now…


Delete your player.


I will drop the issue since it is not relevant to OP, but I do want to clarify one thing where I think people mis-understand the view I and others have…

No one would expect plots people paid for to be lost. Those would still be there and anything else paid for with real life cash.

So it isn’t really fair to try to use that as an excuse against the idea. I wish people would try to understand what a “wipe” means to those promoting the idea versus just assuming the worst. When talking about a “wipe” that does not mean a guaranteed “complete wipe” for characters and planets. The extent of the wipe (all or partial) would have to be discussed.

Personally I would want to find a balance to the idea of a wipe along with what gives equal footing to all players but does respect people that have put effort into the game. So I look at solutions like blueprints and how much of a character/items survive verus risk/reward for all types of scenarios, etc. When/if needed again, etc… lots of details and understanding before pulling a trigger.

Either way, I will do my best to limit “wipe” jokes going forward and go back to my quiet research on the topic along with the other 85 (ohh 86 now because I had a convert) fellow universe destruction cohorts…


Disciples of Chaos! Harbingers of Annihilation! Lol :slight_smile:


super easy delete all beacons
delete all characters
drop all inv in lava
i wonder why you even ask this on forum lol


its a valid question games like CoD have a literal reset button where it wipes all your stats gear everything has if you had just installed the game


I think talking or even just joking about wipe don’t make any good for game. Possible players who seek information about game and reading about wipe would just hold about getting game because of talk about it.

Around launch it was said that there won’t be more (world) wipes. If/when sometimes own universe hosting is possible players can do their wipes often as they like.


I know the group hes talking about. They are the backers who paid real cash to get their own planet among other perks one being having control over what THEY consider junk builds and people they might not care for. Which in my opinion is perfectly legit to want haveing paid for it. BUT they would settle for a wipe too to huddle up somewhere together I suppose. I would assume they have their own reasons just dont want to tip their hand I guess lol.


I am one of those damned early backers and I must say it makes me sad to see we are been looked at differently than other players. Why would all early backers and big investors belong in one group?

If anything we have gone through wipes two times before and I can speak for many that it was with a heavy heart we left our builds behind.

Imho for the greater good of the game at some point it is a valuable option to hit that restart button. Too much unbalanced lead to unfair advantages early on in the game which we are still dragging along with us to this point. Also too many core features still have to be implemented and it is highly doubtful it will be done right from the first minute.

Am I the only one seeing Boundless as still an Early access game that needs to grow in its full potential?


No I still see this as EA. But I’d be more welcoming to a wipe when more of the features that are supposed to be here are here. Why wipe now and again when some more comes and again when the rest comes?


I agree it is too early for that. Let them finish perfecting the game and then start over.

A clean slate can be beautiful if not inspirational.


Out of curiousity, and without mentioning any names of course, which unfair advantages are you referring to? I’ve been with the game for a fair amount of time now and I honestly haven’t and still don’t see any unfair advantages at all.

I see players that have more time to play than I do, groups of players that work together to push for a greater goal. I still don’t see those things as unfair though.

Additionally , the game is designed to be a persistent universe, for better or worse. That persistence is one of the major draws of the game. Even the mention of removing that persistence is, in my opinion, a very bad thing to do. It’s basically telling everyone not to bother getting too comfortable in the game as it could all go away at a moments notice.

I’ve heard many comments of how a wipe would be good for the game, but really no valid reason at all that doesn’t sound like someone saying “some player has something I don’t, and I want a reset so I have a chance of getting it before them”.


Absolutely. I think that games ‘can’ work really well with deliberate periodic wipes, but when the game has been sold on the premise of persisting worlds I think it would be a terrible idea to introduce it at a later date. If they really really felt the need to do it once a lot more features were added, they should be telling people about it now (because earlier than now isn’t possible).

That being said, I do think it could be nice (depending on how practical it is) to have some kind of account wipe feature. Work out how many cubits have been purchased so that people don’t lose real money they’ve paid and refund those cubits to the first character created after wipe (along with any bonus cubits from special edition/backer packages etc).

That could lead to private planets (when they eventually come) having some kind of ‘created/wiped since’ whitelist, so that players could rent planets specifically to run ‘from-scratch’ competition worlds that can still be tied to the main universe.

Although I do conceed you’d have to be more viigilant about account security. If someone can get in and just wipe your account easily, that would suck most mightily. You’d probably want two factor auth for that.