Any way to completely start over?


As one of those Early Backers that paid real cash I will state for the record I am against any further wipes and really do not appreciate being lumped in with some “group” just because one early backer might like the idea. The way the planet perk was to work is the backers could create a planet that would be part of the live universe so wiping to “huddle up together” is really not an option.

EDIT: If players want a wipe then they can buy their own planet when it is made available and wipe as often as the game allows. But leave the players that have thousands of hours invested in the game and do not want a wipe alone.


I think…and I could be wrong…it was more of a question as to how MANY in that group. If we have 200 “active” players and 10 of them are in the group and want a wipe…kinda small and a minority (Very vocal but still a minority). However if it was 150 of that 200, then we have a different discussion.

Personally, I think if you wipe the game, it would kill it. I am unsure how I would feel about it and if I would continue.


Look my reply was not to hurt feelins of course in every group there are exceptions.

I been online gaming since there was online gaming and I know when Im playing a game and there are a select few who get preferential treatment over others whether its an organization in the game or investors/backers, This game kinda has both, If you are kinda solo playing, gaming your own way if you bump heads with a certain group or investor folks well its best to take the bumps and move along because I know I got nothing coming, Most just leave but I guess Im to stubborn to let anyone run me outta anywhere. However I have accepted it and moved on because the game actually is fun most days.

Back to my point THERE ARE SOME folks that are hurt feelins backers (And I acknowledge and understand your frustration) and it spills over into the rest of the community. There is a hierarchy in game. we all know it we have all seen it, to say it doesnt exist means you might be one of them or you just started recently and havent come across it.

For such a tiny gaming community the drama is like a soap opera and you wonder why player retention is a problem? Come on! Anyway Im ranting and havent had my coffee.

TLDR Lets just play nice.


Where should I ask?

Isn’t that what forums are for?

To get & give information?

Because, doing what you suggested DOES NOT completely allow you to start over because all of your stats etc are stored server side, just like every MMO.

I guess you don’t understand how that works.

That’s why I asked on the forum.


Well if you know how MMOs work why ask this question to begin with? it seems trollish.


Deleting your character will clear any skill points, instantly remove all beacons (even if fueled), remove any earned cubits and any in game achievements.

There are no other stats that are stored server side. If you are referring to steam/psn achievements, there is no way to reset them that I am aware of. They are only triggered by Boundless… not stored on the Boundless servers.


Greetings @SirGreenDay! Welcome back.

If you’re looking to completely start over, then deleting all of your characters is the way to go. This will allow you to recreate as many characters as you had unlocked additional character slots for, including your first character.

If I remember correctly, you played on PS4. To delete a character, simply press the Options button for the Main Menu then select “Character Select”.

This will bring up your character list and by selecting a character in the list, it will give you the option to Delete that character.

This cannot be undone. Once all characters have been deleted, the application will take you straight to character creation as if you’d just started the game. Hope this helps.

If you would like to keep your characters and just relearn certain aspects of the game, feel free to PM me and I will do whatever I can to help you get back on your feet and enjoying Boundless again.

Good luck!


Yeah I am an early backer…chieften level… NOT interested in a reset… when early access worlds were retired for the release THAT made sense… the Devs more or less said this was a ONE time thing…

If you want a reset…delete all your stuff and characters and Have At It.


I never said the group of people that were wanting a reset were only and ALL early backers. So I don’t know why people are assuming that.

Either way all of this is off topic and I thought we were going to drop the issue on this thread.


I was simply adding my opinion and my status to back it up. Not directed to you Mate