Any way to rename your alts?

I have a separate alt for mining and gathering and I realized that I could combine these 2 into a single alt, since they share most of the same skills.

And I wouldn’t have to level up 2 alts exploration stats in order to work in higher tier worlds.

The only problem is that I’ve incorporated the alts job into their names, so unless I can change the name, I’ll be stuck with a ‘chef’ (or whatever I decide) alt that has ‘gatherer’ in its name.

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I totally agree. I would love to be able to change my character names.
I want to use something more clever for my medic than “alt-64”


I also agree, This needs posting in suggestions.

I have an alt that i created to do something before i learned about skillsets. Now his name is all wack.

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MASH-64? Lol


Ew mash i hate that show!!!

Out of interest, where does your name come from?

It would be convenient if I didn’t have to delete and resituate my last few nonsense alts.

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Are you referring to me?

You can delete alts?

Are am I misunderstanding what you said?

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Yep! Under Character Select, select a Character and it’s the small button under Play with this Character

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Yes, please. I’d like not to have to start over just to get a name that makes more sense.

When I made my first alt, I clearly didn’t know what I was doing and thought a dedicated builder first would be a good idea. Turns out I wanted to do all the building on my main anyway, so now the name is just confusing.

I’d love the ability to pay a bunch of cubits for a single rename.


I’d love to be able to change my alts name. I wasn’t sure what to call her so made her Egora II. Next one was better, JadeMan, he is blue-green, thinking of making another one and calling him Simple, LOL

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Duh! I looked for something like that but didn’t see it.

Its right there. Lol

What happens to that alts plots?

Do you lose them?

well if you want the full story :stuck_out_tongue:
It basically started from when I first got a ps3, I had to choose a username that was going to be visible to other players so I didn’t want to use my dj name because it doesn’t sound badass to other players (my mixes were badass so it worked out), Pegasus didn’t quite have the right vibe I was looking for.
I looked around the room and at my keyboard and eventually the ctrl button. so I entered that into the username field but of course, it was taken. after trying several variations of ‘control’, I realized they were all taken so I had to incorporate numbers somehow and I like how 64 is divisible, it is used for many things related to computers, also nintendo 64, 64 bit CPU processing, 64 bit audio etc… so after trying a few more combinations I ended up with a previously unused name of c0ntr0l_64.

the next time I had to create a username was on minecraft for PC and I wanted to simplify it a bit so tried ctrl_64 and it was available. that is the username I use everywhere else except boundless which won’t accept the underscore so it’s ctrl-64 in-game. I made it the same on the forums so people know who I am.

did you want to know where I got my alt names?? those are more fun :stuck_out_tongue:
so I have 2 accounts…

alts on my main account:
‘MEDIC’ (I would have added 2 exclamation points if they were allowed :P) is for reviving any characters on my alt account that have died without a penalty and I don’t want to incur one (sometimes this is foiled when I fall into lava :P)
‘DougDigg’ is my digger/lumberjack :stuck_out_tongue: his expertise in shovel skills. i would have named him Digg,Doug but commas are not allowed. he looks just like DigDug. he is brown and bald :joy:
‘AuntJemima’ is my baker, her expertise is in pies, and of course, syrup. :wink:

characters on my alt account:
The first time I needed to have a second character I needed a crafter and forger so I created ‘Nizzle’.
My plan for a shop is to make a chisel shop. I will sell forged chisels and grapples, but haven’t got the resources to pump them out regularly enough to sell them yet. I went with Nizzle because I wanted it to rhyme with chisel :stuck_out_tongue:
‘alt-64’ was the first alt I created on the 2nd account in the current worlds. he is my alt(ernate) character as well as of course i wanted to make ctrl/alt/delete but if i do that i’d want them to be able to all be online at the same time so i’d need another account… but i’m not ready for that :stuck_out_tongue: I mostly use him to revive ctrl-64 heh.
I needed to create a builder because ctrl had to sacrifice the chisel epic, so I created ‘RobTheBuilder’. Bob’s more creative cousin. Rob is also devious so he dares you to rob him. just go ahead and try :wink: watch out for traps :stuck_out_tongue:
and last but not least I needed another alt for general purposes. so I made ‘GeneralPurpose’. he does anything that my other alts can’t afford points for or don’t use often. like opening portals and having different beacon permissions within a build.


yes, you lose them

I did wonder whether your name had something to do with the Nintendo 64.


chill yo!
just request it, maybe they will add it.

hey. maybe they are already working on it :wink:


Thanks for the info!
I had incorrectly assumed it was something to do with the commodore 64.
Nearly though!

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Yep! 10 chars

hehe ya kinda :stuck_out_tongue: our family had one but it became my sister’s. I never played it that much as the best game we had for it was like donkey kong maybe. next was mischief makers.

oh right! haha how could i forget! I never had or even used one though… I heard it has an amazingly retro voice synthesis program :joy: