Any way to rename your alts?

Yeah, sounds not really my bag, but lots of talented musicians embraced it as was leaps ahead. I used to program it, even more hours of the day than I play boundless.

Was meaning to ask if you are the same ctrl-64 from Battlestar Galactica Online?

You guys are gonna make OP pop a sprocket. :joy:


actually no, that one’s not me. :stuck_out_tongue:
also if they allow underscores there then mine wouldn’t have a hyphen

Man thats soo weird you said that because im sure on the forums he was ctrl_alt_delete :open_mouth: guess I found your internet doppelgänger

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Huh, must be an age thing since I thought more about the Commodore 64 which people called the C64 and since ctrl also starts with a c…


I would lean towards reboot or patching or something since ctrl alt etc…

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I would rename some chars too if this was available for cash.

Usually the reason not to offer name changes, at least in an automated fashion, is it provides an avenue to grief someone and then keep changing names to make it harder to get caught. It’s just something extra you gotta take the time to think thru and account for so it doesn’t complicate customer support.


You having an alt called ‘alt-64’ is amazing :joy:


Well, for PlayStation players, we always have our PSN ID under our names anyway.
No hiding nothin’. :wink:


I am all for a renaming option for sale in the Exchange. let it cost like 200-300 cubits, and lets you rename the character you have logged in. (alternatively let you rename any character on your account).

I took great care in my names so they were related, but generic so I could repurpose them, but not everyone thinks of that when they start a character for sure.

I thought I had read somewhere that they were potentially adding this feature, thanks for doing that leg work :wink:

I wholeheartedly disagree.
you only want to change your name if you can do it for cash? or so that others get caught more easily? I think the latter is irrelevant since they can just tie characters to the account or even IP.
let them change all they want. just make a name change cooldown of like 30 days or something

no! ugh
just another way for whales to troll. make it a 30 day cooldown, tie characters to account (if they aren’t already i’d be surprised).
done deal.

didn’t even take 15 seconds. :wink:

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all my permanent alts are not named after their purpose i just come up with a name and attatch it to ‘eternal’
So far I got:
EternalSmiley (crafter/old main)
EternalDarkness (hunter)
EternalOrtian (plotter/miner/builder)
EternalBabe( unknown)

my alts didn’t start out as that profession, heck my original main was the miner before that job
transferred to darkness before that job is now ortians since he can home teleport with the blocks
back to base for free.

its convenient for me that their names are just that names and not professions :3

however, on that note, i do agree on a renaming system…heck make it cost cubits if it has to just give us
the ability to do so, especially for those that are or can be stuck with a chef doing hunting xD


I never owned a Commodore 64, but one of my cousins did let me play on his system many years ago (once I put up with the long loading times). I only thought of the Nintendo 64 as I owned one.

It’s hard for me to look at that without thinking of the GameCube game (which I also own). Incidentally, it was originally supposed to be an Nintendo 64 game as well.


careful how easily you date yourself!! Lots of youngins who dont even know what youre talking about :sweat_smile::joy:


Cubits are very easy to earn, and how would “whales” troll with changing their name?

I’m sure the coc is against some naming schemes so trolls would ha e to be creative. But the way I see it we can do all we can to prevent it but someone somewhere will put in the energy and money to troll a system or social aspect etc.

It would even be good if we could just have a secondary name that can be changed. That way the main name/ID remains the same so people can’t just grief and then change it so they’re harder to find but instead we can only change a secondary name so if our characters change roles we can change it to suit.

Need new names :rofl:

I would change the names of a few of my alts (I’m bad at thinking of names on the spot) but cubits are very valuable to me as cubits mean plots. Plots are the only thing I would ever want to spend cubits on, I dont even have any wearables or body paint. I need SO MANY PLOTS that I would never waste cubits on anything else, except another character which can gain plots easily as long as I’m ok with having separate beacons which I am.
As far as whales, they essentially have unlimited cubits, thus unlimited plots (pretty much) to troll or grief with, so letting them change their name with cubits isnt going to deter them from doing so, they will probably do it more.

I’m saying that the game shouldn’t track you by the character name but the account or IP instead (it might already) so it won’t matter if people change their name, any friend list or ban will still affect the same character regardless of their in-game name.
Also I think it should be free to change your name but give it a 30 day cooldown to change it again.

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