Any way to restore expired beacons?

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Been a while since I last logged on it seems and even though I thought it’s less than 4 months ago since I fueled my bases, I guess it wasn’t. 12th of august was the last day it seems.

I already expect a resounding no as the answer but I will ask anyway, is there a way to revert and bring my bases back? :sweat_smile: Had made such good progress but got burned out (again) and took a bit too long break…

But yeah, is there? :rofl:

Otherwise, gg wp

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Unfortunately, no. No blueprints yet and no rollbacks. I saw a recent steam review where a person was happy with the game, but left a neg and decided not to play anymore bc their builds & all their work went ~poof~.

:white_check_mark: The good news is, all of your items are now neatly sorted & waiting for you to collect, in a reclaim via beacon.


Kinda expected it. Oh well, Boundless was fun while it lasted. 1300 hrs of mostly pure joy. Don’t think I will start over sadly.

I lost all my stuff after having a huge hiatus from the game.

I feel a lot more motivation to play after rejoining. Starting over can be a blast!
@QuimbyBoundless you should rejoin. You dont need to pay for Gleam Club though. I’ve decided to not pay for gleam club and am still having fun.

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I hear you, just spent so much time only to miss refueling by 2 weeks. Maybe one day, for now though I sadly feel like starting over in a new game is more tempting than starting over again here with 9.9k plots and millions in prestige blocks and coins…

Devs have done a great job with Boundless but it is too discouraging to continue.

Come on Back.
Set a beacon down and start again. This time you won’t loose anything cus it will go to reclaim.

I’ll start you with a couple good tools and some food and drink too.
Come on, Get on and let me know when you get on and I’ll meet you.

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I think it’s all reclaimed, expired 2 weeks ago. But it’s all good, maybe some in the future :+1:

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Tools and blocks are not an issue if I come back :sweat_smile: 190m experience has taught me a thing or two about the game… :rofl:

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I hear you…
If you decide to come back msg me and I will give you some stuff

What is your Boundless User Name?

Same as forum, QuimbyBoundless.

But I don’t need stuff, thanks anyway! Should have like 50-100 T6 hammers + other tools reclaimed if I were to come back… :rofl:

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That’s a lot of hammers :open_mouth:


Not sure if condensending or not :rofl: I am a mere noob in the eyes of people like you but not a complete bambi :grimacing:

Just being silly (not condescending). I only have like 4 or 5 forged gem hammers left right now lol.

Sounds like you’ll be all set when you return :blush:

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One thing if you do come back and decide to leave again, you can have someone you trust come by and refuel your beacons.
I’ve done that for a couple of players.

It’s fine, I had a good run on and off over the years :+1:

Thats understandable. While fueling system is kinda “fair”. You cannot get back the time you put In so i dont blame if you just quit.

Same thing For me too… I had some “ok Ill try this” For a while but i havent had that “i wanna play boundless” moment In a while… I just prefer do something Else.


Yeah, it’s kinda sad. But that’s how it goes I guess. I made a miscalculation and paid the big price.

I know we can all mark our own personal calendars as to when things expire, but would it have been helpful if you rec’d an email notice: "Hello, Quimby. Your beacon 123, -456, 99 will expire in 3 days. Please refuel soon or your build will be removed/reclaimed. " ? Same with Gleam Club expiring, planet fuel running out, etc.


A text message might be more useful to some people than an email.

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It definitely a good idea (and something that I’m sure was planned to happen at some point).

Probably have to temper it a little and maybe send a weekly email listing all the beacon, planets and Gleam that will run out in the near future, just in case people end up with a lot of things happening and it starts triggering anti-spam measures.

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