Anybody can deposit shards into ANY portal


It would be awesome if ANYBODY could deposit shards into ANY portal (but not withdraw). Probably a coding nightmare, but saves you the trouble of having to grant plot permissions. Like a portal? Toss some shards in it! Portal to your planet about to close? Toss some shards in it!

If someone doesn’t have permissions, the withdraw slot is just greyed out or something.


This would even save people the hassle of setting up donation baskets. I dont see how this could ever be abused so it really sounds like a good idea! Maybe also then expand the single shards storage slot so portals can store more shards


There has been conversation before about letting people just input shards to keep portals running. I forget the general community feel on it in EA. I guess my question is if we allow it how would you think we should handle the portal owner. What work must they do to keep that portal open? How would we protect them from getting constant free footfall without any other responsibility? Maybe no footfall for traffic in portals that offer that feature? What ideas do you have?


Leave it the way it is, I don’t see the need to start limiting stuff


I should have clarified my statement because nothing I meant was around limiting things. I’m asking for income from a service = work just like all others in the game.

Either way it was just a question to the person that posted the suggestion to get some of their thoughts on the matter.


Arids idea and keep footfall


He built the thing he did his work, if you walk into my place cause it looks nice I get footfall. If I build a slide and you use it I get footfall.
Both have no ongoing work included, so I don’t get why it should be different for portals.

On topic, yes please.


i say no lets not make people any more lazy, if you opened a portal its your own responsibility to maintain it cannot maintain a portal? don’t open it ^^ dont expect others to do it for you, just my 2 cents.


If I oponed a portal for a group?

Also just because something is doable, doesn’t mean people have to do it. It is nothing more than skipping the donation basket step at the moment.


If you opened a portal for a group, you can give the group access to the beacon and they can keep in fueled. It does not require a change that allows anyone to fuel a beacon. I think the donation basket lets the group running a portal network put the fuel where it is needed most instead of the one that the particular player is using. It also allows the group to collect shards versus the person willing to donate finding the portal is already full of fuel so they cannot add more.


I sort of like the idea of being able to choose as the donator which portal my shards will support. But anyways, if I understand the idea correctly the portal owner would still be able to remove donated shards from one portal and put them somewhere else.

You can still have a request basket for donations too in case the portal is full.


Because it is a business part of the game… valuable service that others want to use. So like a shop transaction is taxed for items sold, maybe portal traffic should be taxed or something…

Also beacons and portals going away helps drive new locations, etc. The game can get stale if everything we have is so passive and perm in nature.

I’m not opposed to the idea but was just wondering their thoughts.


Maybe they should get more in depth with specific permissions to allow others to deposit and not withdrawal but just letting anyone just doesnt set well with me (even if it is just a option some may use)
I think getting more in depth permissions that allow help but not giving full trust for someone who may take your stuff would help.


maybe we could link the request basket to the portal with sparkcord and also like the idea off being sure it goes to what you want sponsor so maybe invent a donation basket thats linked but donation can not be taken out off it to use elsewhere

if we make donation basket we could add more options for other things like food dispenser with a cooldown so people who want to offer noob stuff free can do it in a controlled manner and also choose cooldown and offer to guild only our option to choose until what level you can use it again to make sure it goes to new players
although fake noobs could then be a issue
it should sorta check for high level alts
etc :smile:


Sometimes there are relatively isolated portals that I mooch off of, I’ve never met the owners, there is no donation basket and I doubt they’ll just give some random weirdo like me beacon permissions. However, I appreciate their portal and would like to toss some shards in…

Sometimes I go back to these portals one day and they’re closed =(


if there was the abily to toggle that option on and off then i would be for it otherwise na… my self i would keep it off cuz it would make portal maintenance hell unless we gain the ability to pull portal info form the API how alot of people keep track of when portals need to be fueled is a bot hooked up to a spreadsheet and anyone being able to add shards to the portals would thow that off


Toggle sounds good, but you could always just top em off whether they need it or not.


This. I’d love to be able to portals I use.


Good questions but it might be that people who are feeding the portal are themselves benefiting off it (either by using it or by getting footfall to their lands through it) so it might not all be beneficial only to the portal owner. Maybe we should just leave it to the supply of people? I mean if the portal helps many people, they’ll be willing to fuel it thenselves. So no need to limit anything for the owner? Also, i don’t think people heading to donate their Oorts are thinking of the footfall. It’s a donation after all.


People would probably be more likely to donate into their favorite portal than they do their network.