Anyone have a good glowing shroomcap spot on Galan or Malurialakarib?

Anyone have a good glowing shroomcap spot on Galan or Malurialakarib?

Galan, I know they are all over those floating layers of pancakes but I dont have specific coordinates. McKrib I’m not sure sorry.

Have you tried putting a shim orb into an atlas to find some the best locations?

Didn’t know that works
Found some on galan though! By the pancakes just like u said

Decided to go to repe for green shrooms since malaikaraiub was a bust.

Go to Norkyna they are everywhere.

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I agree… norky is pretty good place as its one of those “forgotten planets”


I’m pretty sure he’s going for these planets in particular because of their ccoloured shrooms. The vivid yellow on Galan and the vivid mint on McRib are really nice colours.

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I have a base inside those pancakes. Close to top layer with steps to the roof and then grapple your way one level up to the plateau.

The Circle portal in Ultima Hub.

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I got some nice green shrooms on Repe it worked out. Beautiful spinebacks and aloba and desert sword there too

What color shrooms is norkyna? It’s not on colorincidence

Vivid turguoise.
Its on my colorpage. Lol

I grabbed a bunch right outside your place on flan when I was there.
Not sure they’re the right colour. But easy pickings.

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If you use the TNT network the flan hub has a whole bunch just outside nice and flat too

Oh heck, it had green shrooms? Which green?

Just “green” green, iirc.

Oh, I don’t have any of those yet I think. Hoping I’ll be able to get three and find any for my collection, since I’m thankfully feeling slightly better today. :face_with_thermometer:

Thank you!

No problem, bud. Thanks for the reminder to go gran a few more myself! :smiling_imp:

The planet is gone in about an hour so you might wanna hurry…

Oh, well that’s putting a few wrenches into my plans.


U only need 3? I’ve got you.

Yeah, I’d just need a few for my shelf, and later to place.

Sure thing! Just the glowing shroomcaps?

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