Anyone still need some exotic earthyam bulbs to start their farm?

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I’m about to do my evening harvest, I will have some extra bulbs to give away if people are still in need of a few to get a farm started.


Yeah, I’ve got no bulbs yet myself, but I won’t be on for at least another 10 hours. How much do you want for some?

that will be middle of the night for me, but i can check with you in my morning. they are free, can meet you at any of the PS hubs when we are on at the same time.

actually, looking at the time… i should be on about 11 hours from now, so not that far off from you.

That’d fit perfectly, since that’s just the time I’d get on at. I tend to be on for a while after that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

sounds good, will hold on to 20 for ya.

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Just wanted to give you a :+1:, this is very nice of you to do!! :slight_smile:

I too have enough to give 30 people 10 each. If you could drop me a PM on here and I will arrange to meet you at some point later today!


You around in game @Ocfos ?

Happy to help out as I know the bulbs are still really rare in the wild.


Hi @Doogiekr, do you have any spare earthyam bulbs still available, even 1 would help, willing to trade for whatever you need.

Hey, I’ve got a bunch to give away still and I’m in game at the moment if you want some.


wow thanks, that would be really great, i’m in game too, where can I meet you?

How about in the TNT megahub? Right in the middle. I’ll be there in a couple of minutes

Ok, just have to find my way out of gyosha mall🙂

lol, good luck!!!

I will come taxi you…we have a portal to TNT I think


Found the portal to TNT :grin:

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Hey I can give ya a bulb for an atlas so you can find some on the T4 exo that’s gonna spawn in a few hours!

Just a guess, based on nothing but previous spawn times…