Anyone working on using the Shopping API?

Does anyone have anything in the works?

Were API keys given out?

Even a messy-thrown-together confusing bunch of Work-in-progress?

Crete is thirsty for this

If no one is moving on anything… Crete will learn coding just for this

Please don’t make Crete learn coding

something? anything?!?!?!

(just wondering if anything is coming along, lol) =P

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@Mayumichi is working on an update for B.U.T.T. but not sure the key has been received yet.

Still waiting :sweat_smile:


Boundless Crafting is ready to go with it…


@Stretchious great to hear! looks super-clean!

@Mayumichi awesome, keep us updated! can’t wait to see!

i wont be using it since a few use it already, but if people like to have their site linked on my site i can do so