Shopping API Key Request

How does one get a “blessed” API key for the shopping API? I’m building a site that I’d like to use this for.

Atm we can only build against the creative server. Then you’ll most likely need to validate it against the testing universe before they give out the blessed live key. Not sure what the exact requirements to get a key for the testing universe are.


Bumping! I know the devs are very busy with all the bugs so no worries but wanted to keep this visible.

Got to be patient, the support category is bursting from bug reports left and right so this is relatively low priority :smiley:



Roger that. Thank @Mayumichi


Not going to lie, that’s the single best quote from the forums atm.


Where is that quote? I need to bookmark that one

It was in a PM so no bookmarking, sorry :sweat_smile:


Bump! Would really love a shopping API key so I can update the portal seekers site! Any chance of one @james?

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Still tending the flames I’d wager, maybe after the client patch for all the problems goes live and doesn’t create more of those flames :crossed_fingers: PSA: dont delete beacons with footfall remaining: reclaim bug

Out of interest what’s in the works there @Dhusk, always interested in other projects :slight_smile:



i like that example of what the site would look like but now i want a BLT

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Bump @james @lucadeltodecso. How do we go about getting a blessed API key?


Bumping. @james @lucadeltodecso @somebody. Can we please get an update on HTTP Shopping API keys?

You are suppose to show that it works on a local world before they give you a api key
for the live servers i think also in the post about it it says PM a dev

I have already shown that. I know the process. @james and crew are just simply not responding right now likely because they don’t want anyone hitting the API while there’s so many bugs from the last release.

What I’m mad about is not that I don’t have an API key right now but that there’s been zero response from anyone. I’ve pinged them. I’ve PMd them. I made a thread about it. I’ve asked others who are looking to use the API for a status as well.

It would take 10 seconds to come into this thread and just say “we are not ready to give out API keys” or “here’s your API key” or some other simple response but they can’t even do that right now.

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The silence is weird, I have no idea when to expect a reply, are we talking about days week or months? Would be nice to know.

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It doesn’t take 10 seconds to get up to date with stuff on the forum, discover the thread, read the thread, and then respond.

From the release notes:

  1. Please PM myself and @blake for a key to the Testing universe.
  2. Then PM us with details of how to review your app.
  3. Make sure that there is sufficient data coming from Testing to fully test the app.

10 seconds was obviously an exaggeration but 1 minute is not to simply provide an update. Also, I did already PM you and got no response.

I’ll PM you and Blake now. Thanks