PSA: dont delete beacons with footfall remaining: reclaim bug

If you delete (not reclaim, but actually delete) a beacon that still has footfall remaining, it will currently (BUG!) generate a reclaim storage that contains only the Coin of the footfall. Reclaiming this storage will work, but will then lock your character so that it cannot reclaim any more storage [reports from Can’t use reclaim storage helped track this down]

You can still delete beacons, but need to either be careful not to recover their storage until the hotfix has been done - or more safely until the hotfix, remove the footfall coin before you delete it.

The underlying issue is fixed, and hopefully should get into a hot-fix today along with fixes for the vast majority of issues since the new release which others in the team were testing yesterday to help ensure no side-effects and other breaks. [after this fix, deleting a beacon with footfall remaining will drop the footfall as a block-drop instead that will be picked up by the owner directly]

Any character that is “already locked out” of reclaiming new beacon contents will need to wait a little longer, as a full universe analysis has to be run to determine exactly which characters have hit the issue to correct their data, and this cannot be done until after the hotfix has occured; at the same time characters (3 by user @Asfluxiation, 1 by user @blossomhoeyo [ who does not appear to be on the forums! ]) who hit the “disconnected characters” issue that forced those characters back into the tutorial, but unable to get onto a world will also be recovered.


Glad this got hunted down, was making me nervous to use any reclaim.

bump for PSA =D

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Awesome good to hear I just assumed the FF would just delete.

Also I had an issue on a reclaim that wouldnt ash all the way do to plot buffer issue I had to remove it manually even though it said it was owned by another player the buffer owner I assume. The reason this could be an issue is someone could plot around build thats smoking turn on buffers and still get some lootables.

That sounds much more like it just wasnt your plot to begin with…

Oh it was mine. I reclaimed it and it all ashed but the part by the build next to mine which I assume the buffer took over. How can I reclaim a beacon thats not mine is that even possible?

buffers cannot take over plots; having a buffer just controls who is allowed to plot, it doesnt automatically plot.

if the plot is owned by the neighbour, it was already owned by your neighbour before you reclaimed your beacon, the buffer cannot automatically plot anything.

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Well i looted my neighbors stuff then lol but ok if you say its so Im good with that.

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Shoot I thought maybe I was taking too long or I wasn’t sposed to change planets before reclaiming—footfall bug explains a lot.

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