Aoe Spanner not working

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At this point, I want a regen bomb for healing coils. I’ve had enough of the spanners. It’s the single thing that I despise in this game.


henlo. this is still broke. kthxbai


Lol, maybe it wasn’t ever actually intended that spanners work as an AOE… At this point that is what I think might be the case since it still hasn’t been fixed, or something is far more complicated in how it targets or something.

If coils just combined in a similar fashion to spark generators and AOE was taken off of spanners that would be enough for me.


My workshop keeps growing and this is annoying
I wrangle my spanner and it hits like a hammer
Though truly I long for the day
When we will be free to play
A game with proximity repair
It should not be difficult yet I despair
How many months have we waited here
For someone to give us a reason to cheer
Please hurry and fix this issue
Don’t make me demand more tissues
I think I’ve said all I can


Bumpity Bump Bump Bump


Please refrain from bumping threads …


Any updates on that? Can’t be so hard? Post is open since September.


It’s a shame this post seemed to stifle any further convo on the topic. Instead we’ve had many other threads created since then.

Would be nice if we could have a better way of keeping topics the community is interested in view without being seen as ‘harassment bumping’

This would be a brilliant way of fixing it and I can’t believe we haven’t been able to get this as a fix! Totally blows the suggestion I recently made recently about an AOE repair machine. With Fiffers idea, there’s absolutely no need for my previous suggestion.


I think he meant just making a post like “Bumpity Bump Bump Bump” which contributes absolutely nothing to an open discussion, but I get what you’re saying and some probably didn’t take it as such.

All that aside… I, too, believe grouping coils on a machine together like a combo generator (if possible) could save crafters a lot of time.


I think if the health of the coils was just added to the machine it would be better. Take more hits to repair the health on the machine but it would just be one block that needs to be in view that way and one block that needs to be hit to repair everything.

I like to have all my stuff out of view and it would make it even easier cause I could just put it all in between the walls.


See, that’s another great idea! Where have all these ideas been!?
Too many good ones I feel like for this to be such a perceived problem amongst players and not be addressed (given how timely the team tends to act on things that the community appears to be focused on)


It would be nice to be able to repair at a single point.even if it used more of the spanner/energy.


By the power of my mighty totem, i resurrect this post to save my exhausted wrist.

With my now-much-bigger workshop, i’d really be happy if the AOE spanner gets fixed.


I only have 40ish coils, but it’s rather painful to have to repair them all one-by-one. I can’t even imagine how long it would take for somebody who has full coils on multiple machines, to repair them all!

I would really love to have a 3x3 spanner!


yeah, would be really nice if this could get fixed


this is almost a meme


Urgent fix required :<


Ive always poked this topic and ill do that again now (since my workshop is even bigger now). Pleeease devs :D.


Wanted to make a new post then remembered this one existed. Hello :cowboy_hat_face:.


Any solution that saves us from having to spanner each blooming coil gets my vote.
For me, repairing coils is the most tedious time waster in boundless.