Aoe Spanner not working

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Or combine the coil health with the machine health making it easier to fix just have to hit the machine.


Yeah like with spark generators


I agree with you, and the few others who suggested this. It would make the machine break a little harder to fix (since it can be repaired super fast compaired to the coils) but that could just be a tradeoff of having lots of coils.

Since fixing the aoe part seems to be a harder more complicated fix, i feel this suggestion could be quicker to implement.


Working AOE spanners know that would be nice
Maybe with guild update🤔
No rush though know devs are busy with keeping the universe running and what not


I’ve poked the relevant software engineer as a reminder to look into the AOE issue for spanners. As for getting this on chisels, where did you hear about this from? I’ve checked with the designers, who told me that you cannot get it on chisels.


Someone was talking about it in voice chat. Sorry I guess I was mis-informed. I never tried it myself. Regardless I still think it would be a cool thing to allow on block changer chisels!


if this is not true, then it would been nice to have this. It would help a lot to do some mass change block type.


I’m sad we still don’t have this :frowning:


Pleasssseeee fix aoe spanners Mayne!


Software engineer might need some more poking…


This and the auto hitting everything bug! lets chill for a few and fix these bugs before we introduce more… bugs


I’m sure there working on it
But yes can not wait


5 workbenches, 3 compactors, 3 extractors, 3 mixers, 2 refineries, all fully coiled, all used at least every other day. I would even accept an aoe that does less repair similar to forged hammers and less damage


At this point, I want a regen bomb for healing coils. I’ve had enough of the spanners. It’s the single thing that I despise in this game.


henlo. this is still broke. kthxbai


Lol, maybe it wasn’t ever actually intended that spanners work as an AOE… At this point that is what I think might be the case since it still hasn’t been fixed, or something is far more complicated in how it targets or something.

If coils just combined in a similar fashion to spark generators and AOE was taken off of spanners that would be enough for me.


My workshop keeps growing and this is annoying
I wrangle my spanner and it hits like a hammer
Though truly I long for the day
When we will be free to play
A game with proximity repair
It should not be difficult yet I despair
How many months have we waited here
For someone to give us a reason to cheer
Please hurry and fix this issue
Don’t make me demand more tissues
I think I’ve said all I can


Bumpity Bump Bump Bump


Please refrain from bumping threads …


Any updates on that? Can’t be so hard? Post is open since September.