Aoe Spanner not working

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I have got a spanner with all affect adjacent and it only repairs one coil at a time.



plz fix this


Will check this out when we’re back in the studio tomorrow, guys.

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I am here to bump this thread because its annoying af to have a massive workshop and have to repair each coil one at a time… please let me aoe so I can not cry myself to sleep knowing I have to repair coils again soon


Bumping this one since it has a Steggs reply :slight_smile: This is a problem that grows more burdensome as the general population of players grow their workshops.


Since this is not a high or critical priority bug, what is the trigger for this issue to get fixed?


+1 to request this issue to be fixed.

It would be a huge quality of life improvement to be able to repair multiple coils at once!


They could just make coils not have health any more but machines have 10x more…? I dunno, it’s a long shot.


make a new job class, enginieer able to craft and buff machines. Applies buffs like machine durability, crafting bonses etc


I can get behind the idea of moving the coil’s health into the machine itself? So for each coil you add health to the main machine? Perhaps it can decay that much faster too, that’s fine…

Just some QoL so repairs isn’t cancer eh?


Compared to the actual thing I prefer repairing a few coils, thanks!


repairin’ ma coils again… would really love some aoe…


Same… it would really help with repairing the 288 coils in my base


+9000 … would like it also


+1 (more characters to be able to post blah blah lol)


+1 either remove ability to have AOE boon on spanner or make them working :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not only AOE spanners that are affected by this; quite a while back someone forged some iron fists with Affect All Adjacent effect, and very quickly I found out that they still only affected one block too.

Additionally, an alternate idea for the spanners… I can imagine there’s probably a performance cost to this. But I always felt that it would make sense if coil blocks would connect to each other in the same way that spark generators do. If this were to be the case, to minimise performance impact server-side with checks, it would be a good idea for coil blocks to only ever link together if they are actively affecting the same crafting machine.

Coils connected in this way would greatly simplify the repairing process too; the total health to be repaired with spark generators is proportional to the number of generators, so the same could be true in this case.


Would be nice to save time with this. To bad it’s broken. Piece out…


Word on the street is that chisels can also get the AOE boon. Would be nice for block changers, but I hear it doesn’t actually work for them. Can this also be fixed when AOE spanners are fixed? @vdragon