APEX T6 Network [CLOSED]

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Hello everyone !
Better than never, I decided to promote our beloved hardworking T6 network.
Our network provides you the fastest route to all T6 planets, with farms and mining area inside each hub.

Accessible from:

  • Ultima mainhub at Finata ( infront of Jacey’s meteor meet, Image 1)
  • Ultima network HQ at Eresho ( middle of Western portals, Image 2)
  • Waterfront Outlets mall at Minorengle ( Left side of Mainhub, Image 3)
  • Legendville central hub at TanaVII ( mid-East portal, Image 4)
  • Aqua Embassy at Beckon ( Northen portal, Image 5)
  • Ultima US East Gateway Kada portal at Gyosha Ophin( Image 6)

Since Ultima moved to Eresho, our network suffers because lack of people usage. We are still keeping it alive and trying to move it to Ultima new hub soon. We hope you and more people would use our network so we can have more oort supplies to keep it last long.


Where’s the best place to connect to it from Antar VI? I hate running through the Ultima t4+ portal hubs. Gotta twist and turn etc…

Also accessible from Waterfront Outlets!

Oh yeah, i forgot about that … how rude i am :frowning:

Its all good lol

APEX T6 Network is now closed.
Thanks everyone for using it <3

Hope to service you again in one near day.


Never used it , but gl to the future!

I’m puzzled, I find Ultima as the best one. I get on the portal from my home planet, Seggy, (which is PS) go through the portal that leads to Ultima and I have in front of me on left side the portal that opens up to another one that has a row of all the USE portals. Go down a bit and another one portal that goes to where there is a row of portals to another group (I’m sure USW) and they are a row also, on ground that is choppy, grassy and the individual portals look lite trees I think.

On the right is a line of portals to planets, I am guessing the Europe and AUS. At the far end are all the level 6 planets.

Two steps as soon as I get to the Ultima place.
Go through a portal that gives me all the USs, one for the level 6 planets and a row for all the Europe and AUS. Easy as pie.

PS, I can’t stand it, sorry for those who love it. Go through the portal from my home planet. It has portals on three sides to other planets that are supposed to have portals to other planets. I have to go through it, then through one of them to get to a portal that takes me to another group. That has me having to take another one to another group.

I couldn’t find the portal to Galan, got fed up and wen to another planet. Happens all the time. They have a sign that says it goes to these planets, but often I don’t see a portal there, or it is another portal that I have to go through to get to it.

I have to jump through hoops that to be honest, ■■■■ me off by the time I have rushed from one to the other to not find the planet and finally give up. I get links to where I can see their connections, screw the connections and have tried to follow them, still get lost or can’t find the planet I want. It is supposed to be there, but it isn’t.

Why can’t they just have one area, like Ultima, that has it being two steps instead of five and still not find the planet I want? With them, I have never had a problem finding the portal to some planets, even Galan but I have to go to the PS one to get to the farm for dark glass.

Sorry, it ended up a rant of PS, but it frustrated the H E double L L out of me. Use it only when I have absolutely no choice.

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Use the Portal Seekers map, in the long run the PS network is alot cheaper to run that an all on one planet network.

But also takes longer to get where I’m going. No thanks. I waste enough time running around needlessly thru stores. I dont need to add to that time just to travel to a spot I know where it’s at. Don’t always have hours to play. And who knows what load time is going to be like from portal to portal traveling thru the ps network. Hubbit is also a good alternative to Ultima. But both of them make it very easy to get where I need to.

It’s actually the most direct way to get to a world. There might not be player portals to each hub but at least it can get you to the world you need if you have a location saved so you can sanctum warp to it.

EDIT: I also use more than one hub too… depends on where I am going.

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Again all I gotta do is walk thru the portal in my shop or in my guild hub and I have access to every planet with either one portal or two portals. I don’t have that access with ps. Hubbit is pretty much the same way too. Only difference is I need to go thru two portals to get to the main location but then I have every planet within one or two portals.

I’ve never used Hubbit. I don’t even use most of the portal hubs out there cause most of them I find to be confusing as hell. Cause like you I don’t have time to spend screwing around with figuring out the navigation of things. PS Hubs are at least familiar enough to me that I know where I am going.

That’s not true. From a level 2 planet you can reach every planet in the same region with at most a 2x2 portal, which is what New Ultima does. PS also uses at least 2x2 portals everywhere.

Well guess nobody seemed to care about apex. 1 post about that lots about everyone else…shows theres too many out there.

Btw Nova Golda has a nice network (shameless contradictory plug ftw)


i used it and had a portal connection to them on Norkyna… sad to see this happening :slightly_frowning_face:

Sorry to see you close apex.
Hopefully the TNT T5 t6 will prove popular
Phase 2 coming soon…

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Sorry to hear this guys. Always loved chatting with Apex while in their town. Remember everyone the Overloaded Iconic Resource hub is still running and will be forever. Remodels still in the works. Please let us know if you have anymore farms/mine request we can add/build for you. As of now atleast 20-25 Farm/Mine combos and more coming soon.

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Yes, their wonderful little map that I have used and is confusing as H e double LL and most of the time the portal isn’t there. It seems most of the time I don’t find the portal. And I may be a idiot and get lost very easily but my son doesn’t. Which at times frustrating when I hear “You are going the Wrong way, Again!” lol

I can find it on Ultima, go through one portal, a second one and there is Galan. No problem, but the farm wasn’t there, so that was no help.

I’ve tried that map several times, my son and I have tried that map several times. I’ve watched a couple videos of players who have used the PS portals and even tried to use the map and been frustrated at not being able to find the portal/planet they are looking for.

I’m really glad for those who can understand it, I’m not saying no one should not use it, I just wish that more than one, especially just PS, be suggested. Don’t ignore other portal hubs.