AQUA HUB finetuning system now with special icons

more details coming soon
this hub will recieve the same care and upkeep moebius plaza has
shophub has been removed
now all aqua related portals will be in one place
i worked 2days to expand the aquahub to a megahub
heres some previews
also notice the color testing im doing for the new sign system :smile:

last picture is the new omnishop hub (wip)


Ooooh, that is shiny



i would like to invite @crypticworlds @Sulfurblade @slyduda
to give a tour off the new hub and the change off first grabs off good portalspots :smile: we have on site iluminoorti ,rumply’s(la mancha),lavacubeshop ,portalseekernetwork, blitzhub ,elopor knytefall,all mayor aquamarkets and locations,hashvillage hub,dunedragonsmining network,burningman,the sultanate,lavarynth and room for
over 40+ personal portals we can fit any size :smiley:
please consider our humble hub for your next shop location
first pro shops to join get a ultra rare white gleam :sunglasses:
second to join white gleam
third a lava bucket

if people think i should not use white gleam to barter well i got it as a gift from a pharao for giving him a lake in aquatopia :joy: true story so what better gift to give than that lolz

dont let omni and lavacube get all the buyers join now!!!
PS omni doesnt have white gleam :wink:

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I’ll pass on rushing to become Mayor. I rather be Mayor of my own place that I’ve build with my own vision and all that. The other two you’ve invited are good choices.

Thanks for the offer though Moeb! :heart:

oh lol i mean a mayor spot like a good spot for for a portal to your big shop ya have :smile: but i think ya would be a good mayor :smile:
i changed so its no longer confusing sorry bout that

I don’t have a big shop. I am waiting until the new worlds get put out so I can actually feel motivated to work on building one.

Thank you for the offer… But Sparta is on Berlyn… Solum is a bit far away!

yep the rerouting off planets has screwed aquatopia they also made it super far to reach my plaza in therka :frowning: still dont see the reasoning in that