Aquarius Network need your help!



we are in dire need of Oortstones.
If we wont get ppl sell their oortstones to us we wont be able to upkeep the hubs, and soon portals will start closing. So if you like our hub please help us with Oortstones. Donate or sell them into our requestbaskets.

Thanks in advance !


I will start off a hunt give me a moment!


I can give some Oort shards later today in Grindstone. I mass crafted all of my rough oortstone last night.


You lasted longer than i thought


With this footfall issue affecting all of us, if we don’t get people selling or donating oortstone to us for what we can afford, we will be forced to start closing down Ultima until there is nothing left.

p.s.: hurry up and fix footfall devs.


The City could organize meteor hunts after which all shards should be sold to Ultima at preferential prices.
100c / pc after such hunt is a nice income.
Unless ppl get greedy…

P.S. …and they often do.


Are we about to witness the fall of a giant? It’s time for a new challenger to rise up!


I bet a bucket of popcorn they disconnect the Ausie portals first. :wink:


Double down on that bet.


I certainly think and hope Ultima will persevere through this shortage. I will start selling all oort I don’t need for my own portals to help the cause.


It’s the Portapocolypse!

In all seriousness I hope the footfall gets adjusted soon. Unfortunately I do not have any Oort to donate.


ur portals are too big, told ya


They got this. Just like P.S. they have a solid userbase.


Minorengle first. Because, really, who the f lives there.


Where should I sell them off, I have a lot of oortshards at the moment?

Did not see a basket buying oortshards, maybe I missed it?

Like thousands of shards @Hashmalash

I would also be up for a hunt tonight, if anyone is running one. 9:30p central

Think I have 16 or so smart stacks


I wish it was one per character, per 24 hours with current settlement/prestige values , it’s ultimately better to have an abundance of coins in a economy than a economy without the currency to keep the economic machine moving.


Nooooo! I get a lot of my stone from there!



And I’m going to put everything else on hold to farm Oortstones.


How much oort do you need, really?

As a casual player I did 1 hunt the other day and got 124 oort, that is just shy of 7 mass crafts for 1750 oort shards. The biggest 3x3 portal takes what, 5-6 shards per hour? That means my casual 1 hour hunt fed the largest portal size I’ve seen in regular use, for 291 hours… or nearly 2 weeks. Is my math wrong?

So let’s say there are 39 planets and you need, let’s say on average the 3x3, so 1 portal per planet at 6 shards per hour is 39 * 6 = 234 shards per hour… that’s 39,000 shards per week. That means you need 21 hunt-hours per week to handle your portals. Not counting any footfall, which admittedly is low. So 5 people running 5 1-hour hunts per week can fund the entire network.

That seems like a really low effort ratio to me… that’s like, almost personally doable by 1 person if that’s all they ever did. For an industrial scale mega-operation…


Doable and sustainable are two different things. I doubt this crew wants their sole focus to be on organizing hunts and keeping the portals open week after week after week. Eventually, the grind becomes not-fun. If they’re reaching out it really is that bad.

And people probably aren’t selling at 100 when they can sell at 170 and up.