Aquarius network (ultima) and Portal Seekers


Hi guys!

So i been reading from discord that these 2 hubs have pretty difficult time to keeping up the portals.

I dare to say everyone uses them and they are atm the best ones to use.

Lets get those oorts going to their baskets (either donating or getting some coin as return)
So we can keep these 2 amazing hubs!

Made this topic cause i really feel these 2 hubs are amazing and deserve to stay.

Everyone! Lets get some oort to those baskets!

Im gonna drop 900 shards to both hubs today.

Whos gonna follow?! Every bit counts!


I donate on the odd occasion but I’m fairly low level so not much to spare!
Surely these big hubs make plenty of Cs in footfall though… shouldn’t that be used to power the portals?


As said every bit counts!
Currently Footfall covers barely cost of the portals if even that.
Thats cause theres less people playing and portal cost is still the same.

Some PS member / Ultima member could give you some better answers about cost etc.


Yeah I’m not gonna pretend to understand it all! I’m still fairly new but once I join some hunts I’ll try and up my donations :slight_smile:

just looking for some discords so I can join the hunts!


We have the offical discord, where you can get notififed of hunts.

We also have hunts that occur in PS and P.U.R.E Discord - PURE dosent seem to have an invite link i can share however


thank you :heart:


Ultima discord

Aqua discord

Pure also posts links to their discord when hunts are about to start in the Ultima discord under the meteor hunt chat room channel


i have dropped(sold) yesterday and today about 10k shards to ULT


My austrian man.


Portal Seekers is currently doing good. However, thank you for the thoughts and comments @Buugi.

There are many other hubs that could use the donation. Please support these hubs <3 Players put a lot of work into them. I’m sure they would be thankful for your donations and some may need them!

We do have a ‘buy Oort’ basket up that we restock weekly with 600k coin. It is currently on Grovideas Te. If you want to sell to us, please feel free. Our prices are the same as others.


Sorry to say but facts are not straight. Let me enlighten.

  1. Portal Seekers has enough Oort for 6 months of portal fueling,

  2. Ultima is grossly inefficient with there portals.

  3. Many groups have there own planet networks,

4 Foot fall is lower because less people are using said networks. You say from less populating. I say the loss in foot fall is because its going into other networks. (I am proof of this)

  1. As a normal player I have never once sold Oort. I can barley buy it.

6 It takes one hour with 4 people to get enough Oort to fuel for a week.

  1. Planet Express has 14 million coin and 3 months of portal cost.

  2. If you have grown to big for your britches you might want to slim down a bit.

GG to everyone. What a great game! can wait to loot all your bases,


*can’t :slight_smile:


I, good Arc, have a belly button.


blaming low population and devs (broken footfall) is wrong. ■■■■ poor leadership will take you down every time.


I will take all this blame, I have failed the community and have to pay for my transgressions. Carry on PS and Ultima hubs while I go into the mountains to meditate next to the oort shards for enlightenment.

Edit: pls send food. I can’t cook.


How do you know the financial state of all the guilds?

Asking for a friend. :crazy_face:


Hmm I’ll send food for oortshards :joy:


Can I also claim that ultima (and hubbit and others with similar arrangements) is grossly more user friendly too? I mean I’d hate to remember the route to a random planet, the aquarius and hubbit networks at least achieve this. I can remember where each planet portal is with ease.


Thank you for putting my thoughts nicely :joy:

Also Ultima has safe hubs on high lvl planets where I don’t have to worry about being killed by a spitter or cuttletrunk unlike some other hub(s)


We get it, everyone has a favorite portal hub and hates when other players don’t validate their personal preferences by liking the same things.

This thread is about donating oort to help out the hubs. Start your own thread to write nasty things about one hub or another.