Aquarius network (ultima) and Portal Seekers


tfw supportive posts derailed by negativity



I like and use PS, Ultima, and Hubbit daily. Just depends on where I am going. They all deserve a lot of thanks for the work they have put in to making this game more connected. The other portal groups do as well.


I think each network has its merit personally - helping either one, based on personal preference, is always good.

As the designer for some of the T6 PS hubs, I wanted to give each one a unique feeling from one another when possible (for the ones i made anyway), but sadly it came with the cost of safety. Thankfully people plotting nearby has reduced the chance of creature spawns, but alas…


Yeah sorry I didn’t mean that PS is bad, and I too use it daily, their gleam farms for one are pretty good. The point (badly, I admit) I wanted to make is that the “bad efficiency” has an upside, that it has a function.


Thanks for the post @Buugi & also thanks everyone for donating :smile:


This is a misconception. Ultima uses less shards per day then the PS network by a good margin.

<3 There is room for all in this Oort-verse :smiley: hehe


And also on Tagris note, from what we have heard from Phsyco Planet Express is that they use about the same Oort as Ultima does. I have found that really interesting over the past few days. We all end up using about the same Oort and each of us thought that each of our own networks was more efficient, heh.


The OP is the original derailer of positivity. Might be part of the reason… :crazy_face:


I wasn’t directing that at you. It was just a general, let’s appreciate the hard work these groups have put in.


Even though I prefer Ultima I think that all the portal hubs and the groups who created them deserve support. I do wish I had more orts to give, or could afford to buy orts. My son and I put up a portal from our base to the planets base so we have easy travel to the port and that uses the few orts we get when we can do meteorites. If I get where I can handle them on my own I will start to donate, but can’t promise, although may buy some for my portal.

As for protection for players, maybe on the ones who don’t have any, perhaps they could put up a couple rows on the side and a few on the top to make a small roof and that should give you a better chance when you come out of the portal. No one wants to step out and find some cuttletrunks or spitters wanting a piece of you.


As long as we are plugging Portal Networks, I’ll plug the Hubbit Network. We have links to all planets and direct portals to our hub from PURE loot lair and Legendville. Our network was designed with usability, especially for new players, in mind.


They is a hunt in about 50minutes - just saying :wink: meet up at :ocean: Aquatopia Embassy (accessible via Ultima) under the huge sign “Aquatopia Embassy Portal Hub”


awesome just got home
i try be there :smile:


I know… stuff


Shhh, don’t tell the other portal groups, but I prefer Hubbit’s T4,T5, and T6 arrangement the best.


I support them all (that are local to Biitula) by providing links to them from Crusader Square in Axon. We are currently linked to Portal Seekers, Hubbit, P.U.R.E, Excelsior Corporation, and soon to with US Express. I hope some of the traffic generated by making jumping from one network to another helps them all in some way… These groups provide a service to all of us and I understand it is a LOT of work so Let us ALL Appreciate them for the Great service they provide the community.

Thank you to all of you!


Ah! That was you? Excellent! Love the newer hubs much, much more, they look great!

Now do all the others! :wink:


Gleambow or regular?


For T5+ New Leyden’s portal network, always! :slight_smile:


Planning on working on Serpenserendi hub on the coming days!