Aquarius network (ultima) and Portal Seekers


I like all the hubs and pretty much use all of them, and think you all do a fantastic job keeping everywhere connected. If one portal is temporarily closed for whatever reason I know there’s always another route I can take if i have to. I’m very impressed with the amount of organisation that goes into setting a network up and then keeping it running.


Nice, will check it out when you’re done!


I use, and direct new players to use, two networks l. Portal seekers and pure. The reasons are simple:

  1. portal seekers have their network setup in a hub and spoke fashion, which is already what everyone in the real world is used to with airports. Ie: international vs regional.
  2. pure offers a direct link to PS through the hunters courtyard and you can access the entire T5+ network as well as their shopping and farm services.

Between the two a new or existing player can get to any planet in short order and/or a shopping hub. Portal Seekers also makes it easy to get a portal on their network hubs. No discord needed.

I joined PS after I landed on maryx in January and had no idea what I was doing and stumbled into a PS hub. I got to merika where I settled for a time. PS was helpful and supportive as a player group, but always maintained the network as a priority for the game - in my perspective.

In short, pure and portal seekers are two great groups / networks that you cannot go wrong with.


I mainly use hubbit, then ps mostly for gleam. and ultima to switch between both via pure portal.


I too have my preferences but would greatly miss any of the larger portal hub groups.

Like most others here, I greatly appreciate the effort gone into setting them up (life saver in the early days) and keeping them going and being updated.
I think this thread is more about showing your appreciation (in oorts or whatever) for the ease of travel to different planets and making sure that continues rather than debating the the pro’s and cons of different enterprises.

But ps is the best :kissing_heart:


Your information is wrong. You have not talked to me and I am Planet Express. 157 shards per hour.


Planet express: 157 shards per hour
Ultima: 246 shards per hour
PS: 259 shards per hour

correct me if I’m wrong but planet express doesn’t have as many portals to like farms and other utility stuff like PS and Ultima does. Not saying one is better than the other, just saying that’s what accounts for the difference. More cost for more value.


Thx for the statistics!
Hope this helps people to donate oort


Buugi see buugi does.


Interesting numbers, always like statistics like that. Thanks for sharing them.
That said: time to hunt some updated gleambows and get oort for our favorite networks!


As a player if you don’t have your own farms this in my opinion makes you a citizen. Planet Express is used by VIP players that already have there farming locations. Have the coin to warp to such locations. Also have the ability to protect themselves. Supplying such farming locations is catering and doesn’t encourage the fourth dimension of Boundless which is thinking. Why would I give up my best farming locations that I put all the work into just to make it easier for non-thinkers and people that need catered to. Other networks add these farming spots to get players to use theirs over another. If no one used our network it would still be fueled. I built it for our large clan and not to bribe you into using a network…


I feel its more the inflated hubs that some others build to make room for people that are not there anymore. OR the 2x2 portals that are to large because some don’t like the look of a 1x2. Then have the audacity to ask for donations? Some people that play boundless are not care bear driven and will not just follow blindly.


I could add all farms and I have already did the math and it still would not top 200 per hour


because then the non-thinkers come and help you later :wink:

yeah people don’t like the 2x1s. I feel like our popularity would drop if we reduced all possible portals to 2x1.

less a donation, more a contribution if you’re using the portals, why not help fuel them a bit?

do you have gleam farms for every planet =D


yes. matter of fact Hardwired has every gleam/resource in the game. Most of the hub locations on the planets are next to such resources. We just don’t encourage you using our facilities.


If you promis not to tell anyone :stuck_out_tongue: I use fireborns gleam cuz its right outside my house :slight_smile:


I use and abuse planet express and ultima. For one, they take me to where I want to go and for the second, I dont have to look at 97 portals at a hub location because I know where I am going the first time. To this day I still run like an idiot through ps hubs to find where I want to go. If you are going to build a hub. Leave the sideshow shops aside (sorry not sorry) and let others deal with that. The way of the future is not personal portals. This has already been established in numerous locations. I can type more but, what is the point. The future will tell soon enough.


While I was a new player I found both PS and Ultama. PS was confusing to me, Ultama was easy to me.

The airports i’ve been to have multiple terminals on a single “wing” or halway on the left and right. I have never been to a quote:

The spoke fashion? I don’t understand, maybe its a different country thing because I’ve been to a couple of our international and regional ones here and the most i’ve seen is 3 “halways” connected to a single “central hub” of which from a design standpoint favors Ultama’s design more.

Anywho, I do apologize to all the portal networks that I use. I can give you foot fall, but I can’t fuel my portals on my own farming most of the time. I used to be able donate to networks, and did, but alas I no longer can.


I got to start with I don’t even use ps or Ultima but maybe one time out a month. They are not the best network. I use my own or planet express so I don’t need to jump twenty portal to get to simple location. Ps and Ultima are ok but to inflated. I like planet express cause it straight to point. And to be honest I barely see ps and Ultima going on hunts so why would I donate to people who don’t try them self’s I’m in both pages on discord and don’t see but maybe one or two hunts outa a week. So I ask why should I donate to someone who doesn’t try them self? I see planet express working with the people rather then thinking of them self’s like ps and Ultima and I have played since the release to ps4 and when I did use ps and Ultima it was like pulling teeth to get ahold of someone to get a sign change and closed my portal because I never received a response after a month of trying. So when I see ps and Ultima actually try I might think of donations till then I’m keep using planet express and my own hub.


Actually both ps and ultima have pretty active hunting schedules.