Aquarius network (ultima) and Portal Seekers


Interesting cause I have not seen a hunt from them in while


An I love my hunts


I feel like if they was in dire need like said there should be a hunt everyday and two or three hunts everyday. But my opinion only time will tell. I hope to see more hunts from them tho cause I don’t want anyone to fail this game is amazing. Just need more team play


Hey all. I’m one of the huntleaders of portal seekers and I organize the eu timezone hunts. @simoyd is doing the US timezone hunts. I think together we do like 6 hunts a week.
@loadkill is also a huntleader but he is on a break. Which I understand since he did hunts 4 times true the work week with a spare day sometimes. So yes we are getting a big part of our oortstone be ourself.

Yet it will help us and secure our network even more be donations or what we have as option aswell is be selling us a part of your Oort. In grovidias te we have a Oort request basket that let you get 125 coin per Oort. It’s filled every week with 600k coin.

Then you might think we have soo many members. Hunting is a part of the game. And you have to like it. Same with forging, crafting or resource gathering. You like it or you don’t. We are not going to force players to donate Oort. We try to be a non-requirement guild where everyone may join. Yet because of the player limit we had to kick members inthe in-game guild. But we try to find the right information we use, so we kick only the players that arent benefiting the buffs or seem inactive.


we and ps do most of the ingame hunts now while the pure has disbanded we will have even more hunts organized. before you start spreading false information try to do a research first :slight_smile: a good advice :slight_smile:

if you want to join hunts u can join our discord or PS we have lately like 4-5 hunts per day if not more.


PURE disbanded… when did this happen?


couple days ago


Interesting cause I’m in both chats and don’t see that many hunts since my comment I have seen Ultima step up and actually do some hunts. No false information was said. I can see why ps and Ultima is in a Oort struggle and I can see why no one wants donate that much


Gleambow/squirrel season is over, so PS and @Simoyd ran a return hunt last night. As stated by @Tagris above, PS isn’t in a struggle atm but big thanks to @Buugi for getting the word out there. Help Hash if he still needs it :slight_smile:


If you type !hunter in either the PS Discord or the Ultima discord, you will be added to the Hunter list and will be notified whenever a hunt is running. :smiley: