AQUATOPiA (log due street work finished) more homes for free :)

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oh and dont forget joined shopping center for the village coming soon !

New name for moebius and dryde water hamlet village (aquatopia)

update 3x1plot rooms and 3x2plot rooms ready to beacon
people take it dont ask
rule is
not wider than the pillars
in depth as far as ya want
for big big builds we make a street to you :sunglasses:

here some pics off the room
and i added a water elevator to the mining cave drops ya off close to lava :sunglasses:

mine entrance jump in hole land in water mine go back up the water to your home :sunglasses:

1plot room

2plot room

gonna post pics off finished rooms soon 4a5 allready in the mazking :slight_smile:


im gonna log in with in an hour just letting ya know :sunglasses:
good moment to come join the hamlet


I would like to add a build. Let me know where you want me to claim a spot and I will do it.

Also do you want the build sot be at or below the waterline? Anything else you want people to use as guidelines


you can go now im there in 2minutes im doing some beacon maitanance thanks @SWProzee1 for showing me bad beacon
you can ask people around to they now whats free


moebius when will you be on boundless at moebius plaza again I’d like to re-add you to my friendslist in game


are you in game now
i can come quick before going to bed


comme now to plaza


For everyone that wants to go mining in this town, there are riches to be found underneath of the village,

I have made a nice entrance and path to the caves (will continue to work on it) Easy accessible from my temple! (go left from the village portal)



its my mine mine!


Moebius what’s your steamaccount? So I can add you on there too


i think moebius not sure ill check tomorrow


Hi @the-moebius,

So Elara, our village, is on Solum and can be found through a portal beside the chisel contest on Munteen. We’re the wooden portal beside the red gleam troll.

We are currently 6 players and we do go on hunting trips in groups. We’re still newbs but If the offer still stands, I’d love to connect our villages.

We also just connected to Quien city as well within one of their shops, so we can be found either way. If you want coords, let me know and I’ll grab them when I’m next online


cool gonna contact ya soon got some expanding todo before that seyasoon :grin::grin:


hey man just put loads off portals in new village you can buy a token for 50c ill refund ya set it up at your place i donate some shards for you guys hope to see you soon my village can be found in therkamarket on plaza big red portal the portals i give are on leftside going in behind fountains


new pictures no time to organize take your pics and give some info if ya like :sunglasses:



looking good! :+1:t2:
I really like this set up!


gonna have two off those the inside cause off corner position can be real big
so if someone feels a project coming :slight_smile: contact me

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Plots After Level 50