AQUATOPiA (log due street work finished) more homes for free :)

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hello im moebius :sunglasses:
i made a new village in solum
its connected to moebius plaza with a big red portal you cant miss everything else is white and blue lolz

im inviting all players for small or big builds village has water acces everywhere hit the wall and you have water :sunglasses:
i need people for
-art pieces room
-cool hangouts
-swimming pool with tubes
-feel free to add stuff
-maybe room to show off your good stuff :sunglasses:
-parcour game
-anything you can dream off

olmost no rulz there are only two pillars left or right off your place decorating the street

places can go from 1 to 3 wide or extra street to massive build for pros
there will be a square with small 1plot shops to for those in buissiness off selling and buying :slight_smile:

@OmniUno was so friendly to donate a 20plot street so lots off place with 2 streets
dug out allready

the village is connected to all most convenientplaces in game true moebiusplaza

i took some pictures so you can get feeling what i gonna look like

chiseling stuff and one off the 2 extra portals gold and silver

spot where shopping will be to the right at entrance

@OmniUno 20 plot road could be 40 not sure

one off the 2 museum entrances one will be about chisels :grin:

main entrance from plaza with left and right gold and silver portal

example off a player plot could be adapted to your needs and made wider and smaller

top view off village

view off first house that needs to move one to the left lol badplanned but we fix it lolz

center off mainsquare look at that expensive golden pointy thing oooooh

picture off mainsquare and canal that runs over the hole city for fountain building :grin:

contact me if ya need a spot guys im super friendly so ask me anything :grin:

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I'm the new guy saying hello with a few questions
Video off new village on solum sunday around 10 o'clock lolz

@Awkanic i can maintain a portal to connect our villages if ya want we can answer all your questions on the spot lol


im looking for chisel trainees to
got lot of training exercises (work lolz)
i lend out the chisels

Solum people come portal me :sunglasses:

OH AND A BIG THANK YOU TO @alventra @cutty @Dryde @timmyshanti
for the help sorry if i forgot someone
and @andysav for making my chiselsssssss
and @SWProzee1 for his amazing portal opening abilities


leave a spot for haradims fresh berry shop!


you know im an addict :slight_smile: please cook em


update 3 people now in village and we are ofically called moebius waterhamlet now


That would be awesome. Our biggest barrier right now is portal maintenance. I’ll talk to our group and get back to you.


I would not mind having spot for a little shop. Let me know if this is possible. I probably wont be on again till later today in about 2 hours from this post. I went and checked it out and the area looks awesome.
Oh and my character in the game is Saadia17. I have a workshop in Mobius plaza.


Hey there, I’d like to join if you have space. I met Haradim today and he invited me. I’m happy to help, but not very experienced, so simpler tasks are right up my alley.
Edit: My character name is also Salletan.


Nice u found the forums! im sure moebius has a nice spot for you ;)!


I hope so! :smiley:


gonna log in now :grin:


Hi just signed In, I am at the entrance to the portal that goes to the plaza.


im gonna be digging out the shoppingcenter so no skill required
tell me when you login im usually in the evening online


Normally I’m on early on Mondays and Tuesdays, and afternoons on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. My current house isn’t far away so I’ll hang out near the hamlet when I’m on and I’ll look for you. Thanks for letting me join!


if you see others show them the room so i prepare it for claiming
i have to open them up i own the facade


ill keep a look out! :smile:


jo guys just bougt red stones to build huge part off the village olmost broke my wallet :slight_smile: but happy i got it thanks to @Smidge sorry buddy you need to restock
but im sure you can use the cash :sunglasses:

give yourself a good go at omni shop while its still stocked lolz


gonna make some house entrances today so you can take em while im offline :sunglasses: 1per person please