AQUATOPiA (log due street work finished) more homes for free :)

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A very nice little hamlet. Im going to like it here.


big post coming soon guys its just growing to fast :slight_smile: to report all
also been expanding moebius plaza made it bigger and better :grin:


My main’s mini fort is actually about 100m away from the village. Is there a way that I could have a spot to sell and buy stuff? Not really sure how that works. We can talk in game if you want.

Actually I think I met you when you ran up on my spot (at the time a makeshift camp).


if we are friends allready try look if im online in friendlist usally in evening europe time
i got a shop for you :slight_smile:
you need 12shopstands to place on the spot
also im gonna begin expanding roads to village center if you want to connect build or stay detached just tell me :slight_smile:


Oh I don’t have 12 shop stands yet. I don’t think I have the stuff to craft them yet in my workbench. I’ll have to check. I am normally on during US time zones. So that’s probably why I never see you on except for that one day. lol


i can offer you some no worrys im offwork 5 days so good change im on :):smile:


Oh cool. I am currently at my desert location I am gonna turn into like an underground Barter Town. Just need more land plots but I’ll get them quickly enough.

Wanna meet up in your village?


im on plaza


Don’t know where that is. lol

I am near a bunch of water fountains with shop stands around them.


lol you dont know moebius plaza?
the big portal in center off aquatopia


I don’t really know my way around the place. lol


cooking up 100 signs gonna be fixed soon :smile:


hey @Bryethewizard if ya want i reopen your portal and give you shards and add a sign for the maze
now its closed doesnt help much my village :smile


hey @ornge your shop in aquatopia stayed empty longtime if you dont need it anymore pleae give it back to the village :slight_smile:


found it its beatifull can i grab free spot there or do i need permision?


Thanks! We’re open, feel free to just grab a spot.

I also want to trade you the portal token for another. You asked me to put it in a shop and I can’t really do that.

Welcome to Elara!


allready seting up a portal blitz helped me out you gonna login today?
gonna open it soon found stella spot :star_struck:



I am in the first screenshot it looks like! Yay!! :smiley:


haha yeah had better ones to
but upload was limited
and dont want to fish out the other ones that got canceled :smile:
im bad in taking fotos lol village info is always to late :smile: