AQUATOPiA (log due street work finished) more homes for free :)

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I am still stockpiling building materials for my project. I am guessing I am going to need thousands of Machine Copper and Iron and several dozen chisels and hammers to get the job done before I have anything to screenshot and show.

At least Aquatopia is shaping up nicely!


whats that burning lad about?


its burning man like the festival :slight_smile:


Change the “Unincorporated 1.0” sign to “Capital of Vulpto”? Village sounds underwhelming :roll_eyes::grin:


ok gonna fix it soon :smile:


just did it i told you i do it soon hahahah


:joy: 10 days later


lol… ummm???

just my 2 cents… a portal hubs reliability is more important then how may places it goes =/


the empire have fallen :joy:


That is very true. It is up again though.


Ah good, no more randomly jumping about the place to get to Aquatopia where my build is :stuck_out_tongue:


oh snap could not log in there was a lady night in the house i ran
away :smile:


hey @the-moebius I just started a new alt along with my irl neighbour who just got the game and really likes water so we decided to settle in Aquatopia! we chose one of the spots in @OmniUno’s hallway, I saw the signs there, but I was wondering if theres any rules or a theme for that area. like is it for shops? homesteads? or anything from that list in your OP? =D can we build portals there?
hehe I’m excited to start building, ideas are brewing :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh also we’ll need the water to be removed too please :smiley:


do what ya want and use one 4plots wide ill hook ya up ill do it first job wen i log in


everything is fine i would even agree if you want to open up a grand area :smile: removing water is a big job i fill it in with sand first maybe you could help me lolz


Of course! I just need permies :slight_smile:


cant play now but behind the wall its unplotted so go as big as ya want
then i match the front to your size


i set up some materials to speed up the build when im on


dont forget to keep the source water where you need it when building
once erased with sand its gone


for sure, i think we may keep the lake water above, looks like stars when snow is falling.