AQUATOPiA (log due street work finished) more homes for free :)

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hey saw you made progress
let me know if you want me to open it up to 2pillars on each side
and the water wall do i remove it?
oh and are you going 4plots wide?
gonna make street look nicer to :smile:
put in some floor and chisel the canal


think it where other players lol
or your alt not sure anyway i cleaned up the roads
and 4players joined the street today :smile:


oh and permission on that street i cant give its owned by omni but we can fix that :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,

Is there still plots of land available in Aquatopia? New player looking for a community to join. Lvl 11 plots of land available to help (minus few needed for house).


yes there free spots im logging in now come to aquatopia :smile:


oh you can just grab one if im not there ask around only thing the rooms are filled with water you need to drain them lol and keep water where you want it


Lol alright, I’ll be visiting some of the towns on Solum later today when I get off work. Thank you!


We obviously have very different schedules :joy: you tend to hop on right when I start work :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s all good though :smiley:
Anyways I’ve got so many projects going right now that I don’t have enough to dedicate to my Aquatopian build… Although my friend Lenare has really gotten into the boundless groove and she’s setting up her initial base in Aquatopia, so she’s staying :smiley:
I will rename the beacon so if anyone wants that spot they can have it. I will keep it beaconed so that all @Morrigan’s hard work doesn’t go to waste! Thanks again and sorry I didn’t end up using it! :dizzy_face:
I would still one day like to build a Pub after they add brews and food :smiley:
Until then I’ll let more active people use that space


find new secret spots on our expansion contact me if ya interested in a nature enviroment but close to the networks
its nature olmost in the city
heres a scoop screenshot :wink:


feel free to come join us if ya into secret garden villages and plants in general
the place got a shortcut to aquashopping
and info signs :slight_smile:


Looking good did you scrap the idea of a art project when I saw you last night??


well did not know what i was building turned out to be a information sign


garden district looking for players now
2roads are ready and we got a info sign plus leaders storage to build on the roads
well have minigames and jobs on the sign to
in leader storage theres a big message board
this is a shared storage for the villagers


oh and leader @Dunedragon made an awesome road
next up is road over canyon to a forest :smile:

seperate oficial village topic coming soon

oh and aquatopia shopping has now a nice forest themed portal to get there so its conected to olmost everything a player needs


I am a Solum native, I would love to join your awesome community too! I just made a little shop in Pixelgate, but I am worried no one will ever go there. Is anyone on now so i can come and see? :smiley:


im offline but maybe dunes there and theres signs erxplaining it
ill log on maybe later on so i let ya know


I’m on now :slight_smile:


Darn it, i missed this message :frowning:


:joy: I raided your slingbow shop!! I woulda taken the shovels too but looks like they were damaged.


I’m on now for about 1 hr