AQUATOPiA (log due street work finished) more homes for free :)

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awesome, i am getting on now!


moebius need more shop stands in shoping center looks like all full


ok ill add spots first job :slight_smile:


im on in a hour plusminus and stay on for 6hours so more shops on the way :smile:



Cool Building love how it is designed.
wonder what it would look like if it was taller, and had bits going off the side overhanging off of other bits.



My Garden Cottage and Green house :smiley:


looking good very cosy and ya got good neigbors @MrGamer117 and @Dunedragon

while i got ya attention mrgamer117 when me meet i get you stuff for your plotloss in our steampunkcity was quit busy getting garden district somewhat ready so people got the greater picture :smile:

oh and @Jenndragonfly we got now a oficial forum page
Garden district and aquatopian woodlands (now with village guildsystem)


hey @Samski thank you for pointing out ive been lazy on the streetworks :smile:
its all ready now next up is some quick cleanup off weird blocks in shopping and the last non red replacing
floor is ready to the end also

more free homes avaible filled with fun water
to erase or use in the homes


hey hate to do this but
shopping is running out off shops
and yours are mostly empty at moment so please
restock or pass it on to other players
as its a shoppingcenter :slight_smile:
love you all

also @haradim your shopstands also
and i would love to take over the ship portal but cant at moment need perms on ship
its fuelled their and i want a one shard portal
i love for people to be able to check it out


moebius I put 825 pink ice in Aquatopia garden storage and I’m making more of the red refined stone you need it will be in the garden storage to and added 200 yellow glem in vault for you to use .:slight_smile:


hey dune awesome works on the street you even got it floored :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
i working on it now and will be all day
except for a small repairjob i have to do in real life for an hour thanks for the help also @Eldwen is working on an order so we can start draining out and put up walls

i hope you didn leave your sleep for this buddy


I am not sure who told you I wasn’t using the plot… My request baskets have coin and I am actively purchasing things.

Plus there are huge amounts of areas and places where shops could and do exist in Aquatopia. People should be able to create shops there.


yeah you right @Xaldafax sorry forgot about requestbaskets my bad
is same as shopstands my apoligies you do not fit in the list


Only took 3 1/2 hr’s no loss of sleep :slight_smile: had fun doing it.


hey guys this is not to kick ya out just saying to get more filled shopstands :smile:


Hello moebius! I recently moved into an empty shop you had a sign in front of but was thinking one of your empty spots in waterfall road would be a bit more useful, if I could have one that would be totally banta.


offcoarse are you online?


I am online right now. The name is nevermore